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accelerate your spiritual and personal growth for moms

Accelerate your personal & spiritual growth

mini masterclass

Awakened Mom Life Academy, Accelerate your Personal & Spiritual Growth Mini Masterclass is a self-study course on releasing limiting blocks.

Do you ever wonder why you do the things you do? Even when they hurt you? We will explore living a life by design, overcoming mindset blocks, how to catch your “stinking thinking”, and create massive shifts quickly in life. Momma, I’m here to help you finally overcome the things that hold you back!

This mini masterclass will give you the tools you need to take that next big step forward in your career, life, and health. Ready for some MAJOR WINS? This is the class you need.

Awakened Mom Masterclass

8-Week group program

Awakened Mom Life Masterclass is an 8-week course on aligning to your true self. Utilizing the principles of energy healing, cognitive behavioral techniques, universal laws, ancient spirituality, human design, and subconscious reprogramming.

The Awakened Mom Life Masterclass is guaranteed to help you completely shift your life by removing self-imposed (yet hidden) blocks.

You’ll discover what’s been holding you back your entire life and have new skills for overcoming some of the most difficult life circumstances.

If you are ready to harness the power of the universe to manifest your dreams, tap into your unique purpose and gifts, and to create life on your terms, this masterclass is for you!
Awakened Mom Life Academy Masterclass Mindfulness Program
Buddhism for mothers mindful parenting approach

Buddhism for Moms

A mindful parenting approach

[COMING AUGUST 2021] The Buddhism for Moms program is especially designed to give mothers new ways to raise conscious children. This is not a course on theology and religion. We will discuss the philosophy of Buddhism and how to apply it to our own parenting.

A practical approach to Buddhist wisdom is presented in this 8-week course with easy-to-implement exercises. We’ll reveal how to become a mindful parent and how to stop judging yourself and others. Furthermore, we’ll learn techniques that can help you refocus, even in tough times.

If you are ready to explore those knee-jerk reactions, snapping at your kids, feeling impatient, and falling into ruts of crabbiness, this program is for you.

Transformation Awaits, My Love

Access higher levels of consciousness​

Break free from the matrix

Embrace your inner spiritual rebel

Take responsibility for your life and dreams

Shed layers of ego, bad programming, and self-sabotage

Discover your purpose and move forward with confidence