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about Savannah

Hello! I'm Savannah Miller

I’m a breathwork and resiliency coach, a proud, highly sensitive person, recovering people pleaser, millennial, childhood abuse survivor, wife, and mom of two teenagers and a rambunctious 6-year-old.

Say hello to Savannah, breathwork and resiliency coach.

She’s a proud highly sensitive person, recovering people pleaser, millennial, childhood abuse survivor, wife, and mom of two teenagers and a rambunctious 6-year-old.

In her early adulthood, Savannah began exploring holistic health to find relief for mental health challenges and chronic illnesses. Yet it took years of trial and error before she finally discovered the path to thriving after trauma.

Her true transformation came when she uncovered the power of breathwork from emotional release, combined with inner child work and the support of a compassionate community of survivors.

Savannah dedicated years to unraveling the mysteries of trauma healing and now aims to help others so they don’t struggle the way she did. As a testament to her dedication, she is continuing to work on creating safe spaces for healing and growth.

She loves the power of language, as she finds profound beauty in the artistry of words, skillfully woven together to warm hearts and captivate minds.

Join her on this transformative journey, where resilience meets the power of compassion, paving the way for healing and empowerment.

My Journey to here...

I didn't realize I was angry until I became a parent...

Watching a nightmare unfold before my eyes, I saw myself repeating the toxic parenting pattern I vowed to break.

Even while my own toxic behavior was wearing away at my soul, I felt a guiding light inside of me that pushed me to keep seeking answers for nearly 20 years. That wildly courageous side kept me knocking, knowing the door would open and I’d find the answers.

You have that light, too, or you wouldn’t be here. It’s propelling me toward something better, and it’s propelling you too.

Somehow, I stumbled across breathwork for emotional release with Josh Connally; maybe it was divine intervention, or maybe it was the algorithm gods. Either way, his program changed everything for me and, subsequently, my family life.

His guided program of conscious connected breathwork, live weekly calls, emotional release, inner child work, and a safe healing community gave me the tools, confidence, and self-compassion I needed to be my authentic self. I’m so grateful he graciously allowed me to share it with you.

The toxic energy inside me, which turned me into a people pleaser, fueled anxiety and depression and roped me into the generational trauma of my kids, has been released to amplify my light and assist others in doing the same. 

Keeping this transformation to myself would be like trying to quell a fire in my bones. 

Armed with the power and tools to turn my body and mind into a haven of peace, I can help you achieve the same. No more hating parts of myself—I was always good, surviving. Now, I love myself more and can guide you to do the same.

fast facts

Years in personal growth
From a young age, I was very introspective; I found nourishment in wise older people, listening & learning from their stories. I’ve spent my life studying sacred scriptures & cultures, reading self-help books, seeing different kinds of therapists, doing workbooks, along with working for and around holistic healers.
years experience in teaching/coaching
Teaching and helping others helps me teach myself, it’s a passion for me. I’ve spent many fulfilling years, mostly volunteering and teaching and coaching others about childbirth, breastfeeding, holistic living, and personal development.
experience living a holistic health lifestyle
My dad was a hippie, so I guess it comes naturally. One day, I picked up the book Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin (IFYYKYK); the rest is history! Holistic living just makes sense.

Facing my trauma

During the pandemic, our lives became unbearable.

My family was miserable. We were all isolated and depressed, and it was really taking a toll on my kids. I had just started a business with my mom that was on hold for the unforeseeable future. None of us had close friends, the world was a dumpster fire, and my kids’ dislike of me had suddenly turned into HATE.

Yet, I was more worried about what people (toxic family) thought of my parenting than giving my kids the support and love they needed. How had I gotten so off-path?

Our therapist helped my husband, and I come up with some boundaries with my parent, and it started to feel like they were withdrawing their support. I felt completely lost.

That’s when my husband sat me down for the first time in our 17-year marriage and told me how unhappy he had been with the role I allowed my parent to play in my life.

I cried all night because he was right. I knew this wasn’t the life we wanted, but I couldn’t see any other way. I knew my parent would disown me before they allowed me to change the rules of the game. I was heartbroken.

I chose my kids and my marriage.

And unfortunately, I lost the relationship I had with my parent.

It was a difficult season, but I’ve walked through the fire, and we have never been happier.

A little more about Savannah...

Soccer is my jam

I was addicted to soccer as a young person. Now I can see how it was nearly the only outlet I had for my feelings. (also, I’m still addicted… The fibromyalgia pain makes it torture, but I will play anytime I can)

I ❤️ goldendoodles

My goldendoodle is cuter than any dog on the planet, but I’m not one of those annoying dog moms.

Culinary Adventurer

My favorite food is Ethiopian, but I also love Mexican, Greek, Indian, Thai, Japanese, (all Asian foods really!)

Living Abroad

I lived in Mexico for 5 years, and loved it! I hope to live outside the US again.

23 years of experience in personal growth

22 years of experience in teaching/coaching

18 years experience in holistic health lifestyle and toxic-free living


Lactation Consultant

Childbirth educator

Midwifery Assistant

Pursuing Breathwork Coach Certification

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