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Accelerated Results System

A blueprint for creating change for complex trauma survivors

This is a self-paced online course designed for complex trauma survivors who are looking to make significant and sustainable changes in their lives. With evidence-based techniques, this system empowers women to pursue their dreams and create a real plan for moving forward.

Do you struggle with creating long-term change in life?

When you experience prolonged stress and/or trauma during your childhood, your brain develops differently.

So, if you want to make real changes in your life, you can’t just make surface-level adjustments. You need to really understand how your brain reacts to trauma and use proven techniques to make lasting changes that will transform your life

The Problem with Motivational Programs

Have you ever tried motivational programs, read inspirational books, and listened to motivational speakers, only to feel like you’re not making any progress? Despite your efforts, you may feel like you keep falling short and can’t seem to achieve the results you desire.

Generic motivational techniques may work for some people, but they often don’t work for individuals who have experienced complex trauma.

Leading to you feeling frustrated and defeated.

This is because complex trauma survivors have undergone significant changes in their brains and nervous systems as a result of their experiences. These changes can include hyperarousal, hypervigilance, and an overactive fight-or-flight response.

So, because of the trauma you’ve experienced, you may have really intense emotions and feel like you’re always in danger. That’s why it’s difficult to simply “think positive.”

Your brain is wired to live in fear, you can’t simply make a choice and overnight think positive. This is why motivational programs fail trauma survivors.

kristina bentle awakened mom life

I'm Kristina Bentle


During my journey, I have learned many valuable lessons, but one of the most significant ones has been how to create sustainable, long-lasting changes by understanding how trauma impacts your emotions, mental health, and body.

For years, my life was filled with depression, anxiety, and angry outbursts as I struggled to create the life I wanted. As I pushed harder, things got worse.

For years I felt...

  • Like life could never really change
  • Stuck in my circumstances
  • I didn’t deserve to follow my dreams
  • Like an alien in a world where I didn’t belong
  • Alone and isolated
  • Unsure of how to be happy
  • Like a fraud
  • Like my life wasn’t really “mine”
  • Trapped

Yet, to cope I...

  • Become an overachiever, chasing things to find happiness
  • Kept my real dreams to myself
  • Pretend to be “put-together”
  • Further isolated myself even though I craved connection
  • Pushed harder and harder perpetually burning myself out

Can you relate?

You're in the right place

A turning point in my life that changed everything.

I am a life-long learner and I am compelled to keep digging until I truly understand myself and others. I have been on a mission to heal from complex trauma for almost 15 years.

Yet, I didn’t know it was complex trauma. When I finally understood how my early years impacted my brain development, a new world opened up.

The truth is… you have to do things differently when you have experienced complex trauma.

And, the answer is based on science and neuroplasticity. 

Today, I teach trauma survivors worldwide how to get results quicker and easier so they feel more fulfilled and accomplished.

healing from complex trauma
Here's what's covered

What will you learn in the Accelerated Results program?

This is a trauma-informed online course is made for busy moms. Lessons average 10-15 minutes to complete. Lessons are a mix of short video, audio, and written. No crazy long video lessons or endless reading.

Simply aim to commit 15-minutes a night to this course to see results.
Accelerated results system for complex trauma


Introduction & Getting Started

1.1 – Navigating This Course
1.2 – A Special Welcome & Notes
1.3 – The Right Trauma-Informed Tools to get Results Quicker & Easier
1.4 – Put to the Test
1.5 – Trauma & your Brain

Accelerated results system for complex trauma 2


Component 1: Living a Life by Design

2.1 – Are you Limiting your Dreams?
2.2 What’s your Wooden peg? [JOURNAL]
2.3 What Would You LOVE?
2.4 What Does Your Dream Life Look Like [JOURNAL]
2.5 What does it Feel Like? [EXERCISE]
2.6 Feel your Dreams [Guided Meditation]

Accelerated results system for complex trauma


Component 2: Putting it Together with the Results Formula

3.1 – What’s Next in Creating your Dream Life?
3.2 – Jumping into the Results Formula
3.3 – How can you Implement the Results Formula into your Life?
3.4 – Life Lessons from Chinese Bamboo
3.5 – Give yourself Grace
3.6 – The Key to Taking Action – What’s One Thing?
3.7 – Write it Down [Journal]


Component 3: Facing your Fear with Confidence

4.1 What is Your Inner Critic Saying to You Right Now?
4.2 Here’s how to Move Through Fear
4.3 De-Constructing Your Fear
4.4 Discovering Hidden Paradigms
4.5 Changing your Paradigms
4.6- Exposure Ladder (When to use it and when NOT to)
4.7 – Write it down

accelerated results masterclass


Taking Steps Forward with Confidence

5.1 – When you Feel Indecisive
5.2 – The 5-Second Rule
5.3 – Grounding
5.4 – The Cycle of Healing
5.5 – Trauma-informed care

accelerated results masterclass



6.1 – EFT for Self-Confidence
6.2 – EFT for Getting un-stuck
6.3 – Releasing Negativity Guided Meditation
6.4 – Loving Kindness Meditation

Course materical may vary slightly as updates and additions are made to keep improving.

15-minutes a night to change your life

ready to create sustainable change?

This program is
for you if you are...

  • Ready to make a change in your life
  • Excited about trying something new
  • Open to challenging old beliefs
  • Willing to step outside of your comfort zone in a safe and supportive environment

This program is
for you if you are...

  • Not ready for change (that’s okay, sometimes it’s just not the right time)
  • Too afraid to try new ideas
  • Not willing to think outside of the box
  • Want to avoid the hard work to make magic happen
  • Feeling suicidal and in crisis **

If this isn’t the right program, that’s okay. If this isn’t the right time, that’s okay.

**If you are feeling suicidal and in crisis, please contact a medical professional for help. When you are in a state of crisis, your body is flooded with stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. This makes it harder to think clearly, concentrate, and remember information. This is why our program won’t be beneficial right now. It’s essential to find medical care to get into a more regulated state so you can participate fully.

If you need immediate help, dial 988, or visit 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline for live chat.

Hear what others have to say...

Kind words from others
creating resilience

Improve mental health

You will learn how to manage stress better and overcome challenges without becoming overwhelmed.

improving your life

Greater Success and Achievement

Feel more secure in handling setbacks and adversity and more confident in the face of fear.

improving your health

Better Physical Health

By improving your ability to manage stress and cope with hardship, you are less likely to experience the negative physical consequences of stress.


Accelerated Results System for Complex Trauma Survivors


  • Online course lessons (Video, Audio, Articles)
  • Transformative Activities & Guided Prompts

1 Payment


7 Day money back

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

I don’t want unhappy money or unhappy clients. If this program doesn’t meet your expectations for any reason, then reach out to us,, and we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.


If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask!