Stop Living on Edge: Create More Balance as a Busy Mom


creating more balance as a busy mom

What does it even mean to be balanced? Well, it’s not just some new buzzword. A life of balance means living true to YOU. It means feeling good about the way you live your life and show up every day. If that sounds daunting them keep reading (and if that sounds intriguing definitely keep reading).

What does it mean to live a balanced life?

  • Feeling energized and excited about your day more often than not.
  • Genuinely enjoy your work, career, job, etc.
  • You embrace challenges in life because you know that you have the support, tools, and resources to deal with anything.
  • Able to feel a sense of peace and contentment throughout the day.

This doesn’t mean your life is perfect and without frustrations or problems. Balance means you can handle things without it ruining your day, you are resilient, you understand the things that trigger you, you understand how to express and regulate your emotions, and you are always willing to learn when things get tough.

4 Things to help you create more balance:

1. Be Mindful About Time Spent on Social Media

Social media amplifies feelings of emptiness, disconnect, and sadness. Do you try to decompress by mindlessly scrolling through social media? You’re being counterproductive. Your body isn’t rejuvenating. You are actually most likely creating a stress reaction within your body. Do you often feel sad or anxious when you log off social media? That means it might be time to put the phone down more often.

2. Turn off Negative News

Have you ever wondered why you are constantly surrounded by negative news instead of positive news? Do you think the world is just a negative place with lots of bad things happening?

The TRUTH is it’s our human tendency to prioritize negative over positive news content. If you ran a news organization whose sole success was determined from how much content was consumed, which would you focus on? I am not telling you to ignore important current events, if that’s something you feel you need to do, do it. BUT do it in a way that doesn’t take you down a rabbit hole. Moderation is key.

3. Stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders

This might really shock you…. this stems from a victim mentality. Hear me out. When you are taking accountability for everything, it means you aren’t setting boundaries, you aren’t asking for what you need (and deserve) and you aren’t speaking up for yourself. This one can definitely release stress, let some of that sh*t go momma!

4. Become your biggest cheerleader

As women, unfortunately we typically learn to become our biggest bully instead of our biggest cheerleader. And what does this teach your children? The very same. Bullies are intimidating, demeaning, and destructive. You likely avoid people like this in your life, so don’t you think it’s time to get the bully out of your head? When you start to embrace empowering beliefs about yourself and your life, you begin to feel more at ease.

Ready to live a life with more balance, happiness, and joy?

That’s what we help with. Explore more about the programs from Awakened Mom Life Academy.

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