How will your Life be Different After the Pandemic?

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How will your Life be Different After the Pandemic?​

Have you asked yourself lately, "How will my life be better after quarantine?"

This pandemic should be a wake-up call to be more appreciative of all the things we once took for granted.

Many of us have been faced with some very tough situations and choices during this unprecedented time. While I know many people have thought about mere survival during this, I want to encourage you to think of how you want to make changes for your future.

It’s so easy to forget how precious and short life is until we are directly faced with circumstances like these. But it shouldn’t be that way.

Have you lost someone you loved dearly? You know in those moments of grief that you can be riddled with regret. The regret of the things you wish you would have done differently. Regret about not having more time.

I beg you, stop living life like it’s never going to end. It will.

Stop waiting for death, tragedy, unprecedented circumstances to open your eyes to what really matters in life. You truly don’t know when you or someone you love will take their last breath. I don’t say this to be morbid, I say it to remind you that at the end of the day remember what’s truly important. You will not be laying on your deathbed worried that laundry that didn’t get done
What do you want to shift in your life to a view of gratitude? It takes practice and repetition. If you don’t have the right support, this can be nearly impossible. You need the right support and tools to be able to shift your life.

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So often, we get stuck in a rut of a mundane life because we think we “have to.” I challenge you to truly question this.

You make choices every single day. One of those choices is to stick with the mundane, only you can change it. The key to understanding and taking responsibility is to realize that yes, you have choices and every choice has a consequence. You just have to decide if you are willing to make some changes and deal with the consequences (good or bad).

For most people, change doesn’t happen until the pain of staying the same surpasses the imagined pain of change. Don’t live a life full of pain because you are afraid, because I don’t want you to have that regret when you lay your head down for the last time.

I hope you will consider, how will your life be better after quarantine? If you are living with fear, I hope you will consider making some changes.

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