Life by Design program

A Step-by-Step Plan for creating Zen in the face of Chao

Discover how to use mindfulness to feel more balanced, happier and less stressed even in the face of the most difficult situations.

life by design mindfulness for moms

Sick and tired of riding the emotional rollercoaster of burnout and stress?

Here’s what it looks like.

You start a new job (or even take a vacation), you feel like this could be the answer to feeling less stressed and getting back to feeling like yourself. You believe this change will help you find what you’ve been craving.

Then, as the days go by, like in the past, your stress rises. You hold out hope that it won’t get as bad as it was before…

Then day by day, you become more frustrated with your situation. The smallest things set you off. You can feel the ball of stressful energy growing in your stomach. Your health is declining. And when it becomes too much, you “burn it all down.” Perhaps you leave your job (again), you start planning your next vacation…

You start to search again for something that will help you… and the cycle continues…

I know I’ve been there.

The problem is simple

You’ve been focusing on the wrong things.

The vicious pattern you are in it’s not your fault. We’ve been taught our entire lives to seek external validation… We learned that hard work equals being successful and self-care is selfish.

It’s time to flip everything you think you know about living a happy life on its head. It’s time to focus on the 20% of habits that cause 80% of your results.

I'm Kristina & I've been in your shoes.


My journey has not been simple by any means. I have been through the depths of hell and came out the other side to see the beauty of life.

I spent years depressed and anxious, bouncing from job to job hoping to find something that wouldn’t push me into a mental breakdown. As an over-achiever, I always pushed myself…

On the outside, my life looked great. However, on the inside, things were quite different.

For years I felt...

  • Lost and insecure
  • Wondering, “is this really what life is about?”
  • Angry at the tiniest inconveniences (I would frequently fly off the hinge when things went wrong)
  • Overwhelmed by my growing & constant to-do list
  • Frustrated with my nagging inner critic
  • Sick with constant worry
  • Like my dreams were impossible
  • Hopeless
  • Like a failure, “why can other people do this so easy and I can’t?”
  • Like there had to be more…

Yet, to cope I...

  • Hid behind perfectionism
  • Looked to my achievements to feel worthy
  • Climbed the corporate ladder of success while feeling like a fraud
  • Always had to win
  • Put on the front of being “in control of my life”
  • Wouldn’t admit to failure or needing help
  • Wouldn’t ask for help
  • Felt absolutely alone and misunderstood

Can you relate?
You're in the right place.

It all changed when
I finally discovered...


After years of personal and professional growth, I finally discovered the blueprint for creating happiness, balance, and peace. 

Today, I teach women all over the world how to use a mindfulness framework as a superpower to live happier and more fulfilling lives.

I hope my story inspires you to recognize your own strength and opportunity to follow your dreams.

The right mindfulness process is hands down the fastest way to improve your situation and stop the burnout cycle so you can finally experience more of life and pursue your dreams confidently.

Mindfulness is the key to transforming your entire life.

Yet it doesn’t work in a silo. When you super-charge your mindfulness practice AND combine it with actionable science-backed processes, you open the door of opportunity to easily and quickly change your life.

This is how you become absolutely unstoppable.

What will you learn in the LIFE BY DESIGN program?

  • Discover the science behind creating sustainable habit changes that actually stick
  • Learn why you’ve struggled in the past to create new results (e.g. failed diet attempts or exercise routines come to mind!)
  • Start living authentically and embracing your true self with absolute self-love
  • Learn the secret to becoming a more resilient and balanced woman
  • Explore cultivating deeper, supportive, and more fulfilling relationships
  • Create balance holistically by aligning your life, mind, body, and soul. Learn how to tune into your body and allow it to guide you.
  • Discover how to successfully activate the Law of Attraction (from a scientific perspective) to create the life of your dreams
  • Start using the Universal Laws (using science based concepts) to keep your momentum indefinitely
  • Embrace becoming the hero of your story and healing your heart of emotional wounds

Here's exactly what's covered

In the Awakened Mom
Life by Design Program

The program is made for busy moms. Lessons average 10-15 minutes to complete. No crazy long video lessons or endless reading.

Simply aim to commit 15-minutes a night to this program to see results.


The Beginning of Your New Life Starts Here

1.1 – Navigating This Course
1.2 – Setting Expectations
1.3 – Our Goal Here
1.4 – A Special Welcome
1.5 – Getting Your Dreams on Paper
1.6 – Trying to Cash a Blank Check
1.7 – Creating Your Vision Statement the Right Way


Getting Unstuck and Creating Extraordinary Results

2.1 – Discovering Hidden Paradigms
2.2 – Change Your Thinking to Change Your Paradigms
2.3 – The Frying Pan Lesson
2.4 – Anything is Possible According to Science
2.5 – The Science of Shifting Your Mindset
2.6 – The Power of Re-Framing
2.7 – Understanding Cognitive Distortions
2.8 – Shifting to Empower Beliefs
2.9 – Putting your Mindset Shift into Action
2.10 – Gratitude Journal


Unveiling your Authentic Self to Create more Freedom

3.1 – Re-Connecting to Your Authentic Self
3.2 – The Truth of Being Authentically You
3.3. – Are you Wearing a Mask?
3.5 – Which mask are you Wearing?
3.6 – Driftwood in the Ocean
3.7 – Facing Resistance
3.8 – Write it Down [Journal]


Embracing Emotions to Become Resilient & Balanced

4.1 – Signs of Repressed Emotions
4.2 – Five Easy Steps to Process Emotions
4.3 – The Spectrum of Emotions
4.4. – Changing the Story we Tell Ourselves
4.5 – Responsibility, not Blame
4.6 – Releasing Baggage that Keeps you Feeling Trapped
4.7 – Time to Toss out That Baggage
4.8 – Healing Your Inner Child
4.9 – Write it Down [Journal]


Cultivating Relationships & Communication

5.1 – Changes Met with Resistance
5.2 – Seven Ways to Improve Communication
5.3 – The Elephant and the Wooden Peg
5.4 – When Relationships Feel Draining
5.5 – Shut the Should Up
5.6 – Using the Right Language
5.7 – Having Difficult Discussions
5.8 – Reflections


Honoring Your Mind, Body, Spirit for Full Holistic Health

6.1 – The Mind Body Connection
6.2 – Changing Your Everyday Habits
6.3 – The Wheel of Life
6.4 – Reflections on Balance
6.5 – How will you Choose to Invest?
6.6 – What do you Long for?
6.7 – Living Authentically
6.8 – The Power of Vulnerability
6.9 – What Does the Future Hold?
6.10 – Gratitude Journal

15-minutes a night to change your life

Start living more mindfully today.

Enroll in Life by Design Now!

This is not a bandaid fix like reading another self-help book.

This is a step-by-step blueprint to living in the present moment while overcoming subconscious bad habits and paradigms.

Being aware of your bad habits IS NOT ENOUGH; you need to understand how to overcome them for good. 

This is why you can no longer ignore living more mindfully:

  • 66% of working moms get no more than 6 hours of sleep at night (we all know that a standard 8 hours is recommended for a healthy lifestyle!)
  • Children of working mothers during their pre-school years have over 2.6x the odds of being overweight or obese between 7 to 11 years of age compared to children of non-working mothers.
  • Just by being a working mother, women are 28% more likely to experience burnout than fathers.
  • Almost 70% of mothers say that worry and stress from the pandemic have damaged their health.

Chaos will continue to be a part of your life, you can’t change that. Yet, you can change how you react to and cope with those challenges.

This program is
for you if you are...

  • Determined and ready to make a massive change in your life
  • Excited about the future and can see a glimpse of hope for inner peace
  • Open to trying new ideas
  • Absolutely sick and tired of feeling overwhelmed and burned out
  • Ready to feel alive with energy & passion
  • Willing to step outside of your comfort zone to create the life you dream of

This program is
for you if you are...

  • Afraid of change
  • Not willing to try new ideas
  • A skeptic that isn’t willing to think outside of the box
  • Unsure if you are ready to make a change
  • Hesitant to step outside of your comfort zone to pursue your dreams
  • Want to avoid the hard work to make magic happen
Hello there my fellow busy working mama!

Say “hell yeah!” if you are ready to change your life just like these ladies…

Now hold up, I know what you may be thinking…

Why don’t I just go out and read some more books on mindfulness? Maybe try something cheaper?

I hear you.

It’s all a matter of what’s the most efficient. If you’re anything like me, you like to get from A to Z as quickly as possible and you hate wasting time.

Actually, in my professional career before teaching, I was an expert at optimization, I simply applied my love for efficiency to mindfulness and personal growth. 

With that said, this is the FAST TRACK to creating a mindfulness practice that radically shifts your life.

mindfulness Benefit #1

Create Lasting Change

Mindfulness practice can cause changes in brain structure and activities of the mind.

Experts consider such changes to be more permanent than behavioral changes. Hence the benefits of mindfulness are thought to be lasting.

Improve Emotional Regulation​

Research has shown that practicing mindfulness thickens areas of the brain that control ‘executive function’ such as the prefrontal cortex, hippocampus, and amygdala.

The prefrontal cortex is the area of the brain in charge of self-regulation, attention, and planning.

Everyone can Benefit

Mindfulness is considered a safe practice for anyone. You don’t need to have special skills or subscribe to some religious beliefs to be mindful.

Anyone with an open mind to the practice can enjoy the mental and health benefits of mindfulness.

Improve Sleep​

Meditation can reduce the wake time of people with insomnia by 50%

Improve Coping

Meditation gives patients the ability to relate differently to their symptoms or situations and become less disturbed by them.

Improve Mood

A study showed decreased anxiety, depression, and negativity after an 8-week mindfulness meditation training


There are two ways to get started with Life by Design:

Life by Design

$ 677
  • 6-Week Training Modules (Video, Audio, Articles) Over $13,997 Value
  • Weekly Transformative Activities $497 Value
  • Guided Meditations & EFT Trainings $697 Value
  • Weekly Group Coaching $2,997 Value
  • Unlimited e-mail support $1,497 Value
  • [BONUS] Meditation Library $247 Value
  • [BONUS] Meditation for Beginners Mini-Course $997 Value

Life by Design

$ 2,497 One Payment
  • 6-Week Training Modules (Video, Audio, Articles) Over $13,997 Value
  • Weekly Transformative Activities $497 Value
  • Guided Meditations & EFT Trainings $697 Value
  • Unlimited e-mail support $1,497 Value
  • Weekly Group Coaching $2,997 Value
  • [BONUS] Meditation Library $247 Value
  • [BONUS] Meditation for Beginners Mini-Course $997 Value
  • Save over 10% with Pay-in-Full
Save 10%

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

I don’t want unhappy money or unhappy clients. If this program doesn’t meet your expectations for any reason, then reach out to us,, and we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

I want you to consider this an investment in your future, not a cost. Because this will change your life forever. This program will have a lasting long-term impact on every area of your life.

Look at it this way, you have three options.

You can spend months (or even years like I did) piecing together the entire process by yourself. You can purchase other individual online courses, go to retreats, buy more self-help books.

But you and I both know that would cost THOUSANDS and take YEARS. (Trust me because that’s what I did.)

Or worse…

You don’t do anything, and continue living in a cycle of burnout where you have a mental breakdown when things become too much. You take a break (start a new job, take a vacation, etc.) and start the cycle again, climbing the emotional rollercoaster of burnout. It starts out okay but it always reaches the top and you come barreling back down.

Or best case scenario, you do something today that will radically improve the rest of your life.

You can live life on your terms, happier, healthier, and balanced. You’ll have the tools to become more resilient in the face of any chaos thrown your way. The investment is just 4 payments of $197 or you can pay in full to save.

Plus, I offer a 14-day money back guarantee.

I know making an investment like this is scary (again, I know, I’ve done it myself!) and I want you to feel good great about your decision.

life by design

act now to recieve this special bonus offer


bonus #1

Meditation for beginners ($247 Value)

In this mini course you’ll learn the foundations of mindfulness meditation and how to improve your practice over time.

bonus #2

Stress Relief Guided Meditation ($27 Value)

Use this meditation to cultivate gratitude, positive energy and peace when you are feeling stressed.

bonus #3

5-Minute Grounding Meditation ($27 Value)

Discover the magic of grounding in this short but powerful meditation.

bonus #4

10-Minute Relaxation Body Scan ($27 Value)

This guided practice focuses on relaxing the whole body so you can reduce stress.

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