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Discover your dharma, become a more mindful mom, live your best life, release limiting behaviors.

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You're meant to live your purpose & passion

It's time to tap into the limitless potential of your divine soul

The Awakened Mom Life by Design Program is designed for moms who are seeking to be more mindful.

This masterclass is a simple, straight-forward, actionable, and effective way to take your life, career, family, and health to the next level.

Your higher self has led you here. It’s time to act.

It’s time to experience joy beyond anything you’ve dreamed possible. See the world through a whole new lens. Release old limiting beliefs. Become the very best version of yourself and the mindful mom your dream of being.

Does this resonate with you?

• Are you a mom that feels like you are being called to do something greater in the world? But you aren’t sure what it is?
• Ready to stop accepting less than you deserve?
• Want to find a better way to integrate your spirituality and beliefs into your life and work?
• Ready to manifest some major breakthroughs and abundance into your life ASAP!?
• Feeling burnt out working hard and chasing your dreams without much to show for it?
• Would you like someone to simplify things? To show you the way? To prove to you that, YES, you can too?
• Tired of living the same day over and over again?
• Ready to find some clarity in life

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're in the right place.

You’re here because you are craving results. You desire more than you’re currently experiencing, and you haven’t been able to find the fulfillment you long for.

You’re ready to experience massive shifts in your life and become the most incredible mindful mom. And deep down, you’ve always known that you were made for more.

You may have fallen into a rut. You feel uncertain about what you’re “supposed” to be doing with your life. Your confidence is dwindling because you don’t even know if you are doing it “right”. Your relationships are becoming less fulfilling and satisfying. And you keep getting more and more discouraged with your vocation.

You know in your heart, there is something more.

If you’re like a lot of other spiritual and mindful mothers out there, you’ve been watching & exploring mindfulness practices. Including meditation and perhaps yoga. And you see other mothers who seem to be living out lives of freedom, luxury, and fun on social media, looking happier than anyone around them.

Yet you keep wondering, what makes THEM so special? And why am I still there, not getting any further ahead?

You see these mothers who seem to have it all but for some reason…. it’s not clicking for YOU.

You still have knee-jerk reactions to your kids, lack deep emotional relationships, work in a career that doesn’t align with your passions.

Despite all the hard work you have been doing, it doesn’t seem that things are changing in your physical reality.

And yet still, there is this inner knowing that things will be 100% great one day, even if it takes a while to get there.

You are looking for that missing key. But you have not found it yet.

I felt this way for a long time.

So what REALLY changed?

How did I discover a new way to find joy, peace, and happiness? What changed so I could become aligned with my dharma and soul’s purpose? How did I go from feeling lost & miserable climbing the corporate ladder, to traveling the country full-time with my toddler and husband, working from home and finding balance?

The answer? I simplified everything. Then, I developed a system that could be easily understood and implemented by any busy mom.

kristina bentle spiritual awakening living the dream life mindful moms
ancient wisdom modern science buddhism mindful moms

I created this program to combine ancient wisdom and modern science. This is designed especially for mindful moms looking to live a more conscious, fulfilled, and joyful life.

It took me years of study, practice, and trial and error to find the path. Very soon YOU will get the blueprint that you’ve been looking for.

Everything you’ve ever dreamed of is on the other side.

About the Awakened Mom Masterclass Program

The Awakened Mom Life Masterclass is an 8-week online program taught exclusively by Kristina Bentle, author, spiritual teacher, energy healer, and Buddhist.

This is the only program that you need to create a life you love living. In order to become the mindful mom you dream of becoming.

Rather than throwing a ton of meaningless material at you, Kristina teaches you just what you need to know to implement ASAP.

This program is the culmination of thousands of deeply studying spiritual philosophies, psychological principles, quantum physics, mind body connection, and energy healing. Condensed into an easy-to-understand and actionable system.

Each week you will have access to lessons (a variety of written, video, and audio) on your student dashboard. You will be given action steps to implement along with journal prompts and learning exercises.

Scattered throughout the program are Q&A calls that are joined via livestream in a closed Facebook group with Kristina. The Q&A sessions are where you’ll be able to get all your deepest questions answered as they arise throughout the program.

This is the proven, reliable, repeatable system for manifesting your dream life as a mother.

The 4 Pillars of Awakened Mom Masterclass

for Busy Mindful Mothers

Pillar 1: Psychology

First, you’ll be guided on building a solid foundation of tools for your personal growth. Next, you’ll discover how to recognize and release old thought patterns that keep you stuck. Ultimately, you’ll learn how to feel what it’s like to be yourself again by rediscovering your authenticity under the lies you’ve been told. And you’ll finally understand your human nature and why it’s been so difficult in the past to simply leave behind bad habits.

You’ll also discover how you’ve been self-sabotaging yourself and your relationships. This will allow you to begin to nourish and grow stronger bonds.

Pillar 2: Mind-Body connection

Furthermore, you’ll begin to understand the impact of your emotions on your mental, physical, and spiritual health. Then, you’ll learn to release judgement, fear, and scarcity mindset so that you can lean into love, compassion, and empathy.

Pillar 3: Quantum Physics, Ancient Spiritual Wisdom

Next, you’ll explore the invisible laws of success and alignment with the universe. Soon you’ll learn how to quickly raise your vibrational frequency to attract abundance into your life.

Pillar 4: Modern Implementation

You are busy and need techniques that are right for you. therefore, this entire program is built with this in mind. Each lesson is short (5 minutes to 15 minutes) and can be completed in just a few hours a week.

You’ll find all the tools and techniques needed to bring spirituality, peace, joy, and alignment into your busy life.
awakened mom life program week 1-4 for mindful mothers
awakened mom life academy weeks 4-8 for mindful moms

Are you a mindful mom that is ready to live a life with more abundance, alignment, and happiness?

The universe is calling, it’s just waiting for you to answer.

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Who is Kristina Bentle

& how Does she help moms become more mindful?

kristina bentle spiritual coach mindful mother
I’m thrilled that we’ve crossed paths and the universe has brought you here. It’s my passion teaching women to overcome paradigms. So that you can create massive shifts in life. The Awakened Mom Life Masterclass was developed to inspire mothers to live their best lives while transforming mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

The Awakened Mom Life Masterclass is the culmination of EVERYTHING that has helped me and the women I have coached to manifest our deepest desires and fulfilling lives that we live today.

I’m a spiritual teacher, author, energy healer, EFT practitioner, certified CBT coach, and founder of Awakened Mom Life Academy.

If you will put your trust in me, have a little faith in the process, and a whole lot of faith in yourself… your life will never be the same again.

This program is perfect for you if you are...

  • A mom that wants to become more mindful
  • Eager about change and ready to do what it takes
  • Excited about learning new concepts & principles
  • Ready to overcome your limiting beliefs and behaviors
  • Willing to try new things and think outside the box
  • Someone who understands that this program is an investment in you and your future

This program is NOT
for you if you are...

  • A mom that’s stuck on doing things that same way
  • Not willing to take 100% responsibility for your reality
  • Looking for someone else to fix you
  • Unwilling to step outside your comfort zone
  • Closed off and not willing to get vulnerable
  • Someone who sees this program as an expense

Program Content Valued over $13,000

8-Week Training Modules (Video, Audio, & Articles)

Weekly Transformational Activities

Guided Meditations & EFT Trainings

Exclusive Members Only Facebook Group with Online Support

4 Live Q&A Sessions

[Bonus] Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth Masterclass







    • 8-Week Training Modules (Video, Audio, & Articles) – $4,997 Value


    • Weekly Transformational Activities – $1,997 Value


    • Guided Meditations & EFT Trainings – $1,497 Value


    • Exclusive Members Only Facebook Group with Online Support – $997 Value


    • 4 Live Q&A Sessions – $2,497 Value


  • [Bonus] Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth Mini Masterclass – $1,997 Value

Your Investment



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Still not sure?

Let me ask you a question.

Where will you be in 8-weeks if you do nothing different?

If you aren’t willing to try something new, you will never experience the life you deserve.