Mind-Body-Spirit Healing

Building a Strong Foundation

This program is designed for busy moms on a healing journey, uses evidence-based cognitive behavioral techniques, somatic, and a mind-body healing approach supported by neuroscience; you will develop coping skills to help establish a more solid groundwork for resilience and happiness.

Does life feel like an emotional rollercoaster?

Do you wake up unfulfilled, overwhelmed, frustrated, and emotional each day? Are you struggling to understand why you do the things that you do? You feel stuck and unsure even when you are passionate about creating change.

I’ve been there.

The biggest problem

You are operating on a broken and shaky foundation.

As an adult survivor of childhood trauma, you experience life through a different lens. Your body learned to live in a chronic state of protection and fear meaning your brain has adapted to be hyper-vigilant. The result creates ripples of impact in every single area of your life, from your behavior and emotional reactions to how you show up in relationships. This means you keep repeating the same unhealthy habits no matter how desperate you are for change because your brain is desperately working to keep you safe. There is a disconnect between your brain, body, and nervous system.

to make matters worse

Traditional healing methodologies can do more harm than good

Traditional healing methodologies of Western Medicine separate the mind and the body, and doctors don’t take into account how emotions impact your overall well-being. They treat the body with the assumption that the brain, body, and nervous system are operating together.

This approach is extremely problematic and counterproductive, especially for childhood trauma survivors.

Adding fuel to the fire, because of high cortisol levels running through your body for prolonged periods, trauma survivors are at higher risk of developing health issues, including autoimmune diseases, rare conditions, and other physical disorders. Without recognizing the mind-body connection, doctors often medically gaslight trauma survivors, leaving them feeling crazy, hopeless, and frustrated.

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I'm Kristina & I've been in your shoes.


My journey has not been simple by any means. I have been through the depths of hell and came out the other side to see the beauty of life.

I spent years depressed and anxious, bouncing from job to job, hoping to find something that wouldn’t push me into a mental breakdown. As an over-achiever, I always pushed myself…

On the outside, I did my best to mask and pretend like everything was okay. However, on the inside, I lived in constant fear. My anxiety controlled my life.

I was terrified of being a bad mom and messing up my daughter.

Childhood trauma robs you of your true identity Leaving you feeling unsure of who you actually are.

For years I felt...

  • Lost and extremely insecure
  • Confused, asking, “why can’t I do this like everyone else?”
  • Emotional and overwhelmed
  • Frustrated with my nasty inner critic
  • Sick with constant worry
  • Like my dreams were impossible
  • Hopeless
  • Alone and misunderstood
  • Like I would fail as a mother
  • Like there had to be more…

Yet, to cope I...

  • Hid behind perfectionism
  • Looked to my achievements to feel worthy
  • Climbed the corporate ladder of success while feeling like a fraud
  • Always had to win
  • Put on the front of being “in control of my life”
  • Wouldn’t admit to failure or needing help
  • Wouldn’t ask for help
  • Isolated myself more and more

Can you relate?
You're in the right place.

It all changed when I finally discovered...

how trauma had shaped my life.

For years I sought help through therapy, motivational speakers, self-help books, and doctors. Whenever I felt like I was taking a step forward, I would ultimately take two steps back.

When I discovered trauma-informed care, things began to change. But, I found yet another hurdle, trauma-informed health providers are challenging to find, and they still only address one piece of the trauma puzzle at a time.

After I began piecing together the puzzle, I knew I was on to something, and I knew I had to share it.

Today, I teach women worldwide how to use a trauma-informed holistic healing framework as a superpower to live happier and more fulfilling lives.

Impact of Trauma

Trauma survivors can’t heal in a vacuum. You need a trauma-informed holistic approach to heal the brain, body, and nervous system disconnect.

This is how you finally embrace your true self, learn to experience happiness, and stop living in constant fear.


Mind-Body-Spirit Healing: Building a Strong Foundation

  • Discover how trauma has changed your brain and why it impacts your behavior and what you can actually do about it
  • Explore the science of creating long term change
  • Re-discover your true self and learn to embrace the life you deserve
  • Learn why you struggle with relationships and how to safely build trust
  • Create balance in your life and set boundaries
  • Discover how to face your fears without your body and emotions hijacking your life

A comprehensive approach to healing

A trauma-focused healing program designed especially for you. Support, education, community, care, and healing you deserve.

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Here's exactly what's covered

Mind-Body-Spirit Healing: Building a Strong Foundation

The program is made for busy moms. Micro lessons average 10-15 minutes to complete. No crazy long video lessons or endless reading.

Simply aim to commit 15-minutes a night.

taking first step


Taking the First Steps

1.1 – Navigating This Course
1.2 – Setting Expectations
1.3 – Our Goal Here
1.4 – A Special Welcome
1.5 – How Trauma Impacts Your Brain & Body



Finding Your Path to Healing: Mind-Body-Spirit​

2.1 – Understanding the mind-body-spirit connection
2.2 – Introduction to Trauma-Informed CBT techniques
2.3 – Introduction to somatic techniques
2.4 – Benefits of mind-body-spirit healing
2.5 – Establishing a healing mindset
2.6 – The Science of Changing Your Mindset
2.7 – Change your Thinking to Change your Paradigms
2.8 – Positive thinking or toxic positivity?

re-writing your narrative


Re-writing your Narrative: Healing Your Mind​

3.1 – Understanding the role of thoughts in mental health
3.2 – The Power of Re-Framing your Mind
3.3 – Fact or Opinion
3.4 – Examining your thoughts – Cognitive Distortions
3.5 – The Truth to Being Authentically You
3.6 – Re-connecting to you Authentic Self [JOURNAL]
3.7 – The Masks We Wear
3.8 – Trauma and Your Masks
3.9 – Being in the Present Moment
3.10 – Trauma and Being Present
3.11 – Mindfulness and stress reduction
3.12 – Strategies for managing depression and low mood

from surviving to thriving


From Surviving to Thriving: The Path to Emotional Healing

4.1 – Recognizing Emotions & Repression
4.2 – Five Simple Steps to Process Emotions
4.3 – The Spectrum of Emotions
4.4 – RIM® Barrier Breakthrough
4.5 – Barrier Breakthrough Session [1 HOUR]
4.5 – Releasing Baggage [JOURNAL]
4.6 – Taking Responsibility for your Happiness
4.7 – Time to Toss out That Baggage [EFT]
4.8 – Your Soul’s Longing
4.9 – Your Inner Child
4.10 Write a Letter
4.11 Wounds of Your Inner Child

reconnecting with your body


Reconnecting with Your Body: Physical Healing​

5.1 – Trauma and your body
5.2 – Different types of stress
5.3 – Toxic burden
5.4 – Cleaning out toxins in your life
5.5 – Trauma and your gut
5.6 – Somatic healing
5.7 – Practicing progressive muscle relaxation
5.8 – Using breathing techniques for relaxation
5.9 – Physical practices for healing
5.10 – Self-compassion and self-care for trauma survivors
5.11 – Sleep habits

breaking through barriers


Reconnecting with Your Body: Physical Healing

6.1 Changes met with Resistance
6.2 Seven Ways to Improve Communication
6.3 Shut the Should Up
6.4 When Relationships are Draining you
6.5 Using the Right Language
6.6 Having Difficult Discussions
6.7 Reflections

resilient spirit


The Resilient Spirit: Thriving through Trauma and Adversity

7.1 – The Wheel of Life
7.2 – Understanding resilience and its importance
7.3 – Identifying personal strengths and resources
7.4 – Reflections on Balance [JOURNAL]
7.5 – The Power of Vulnerability
7.6 – Vulnerability and Trauma
7.7 – Wrapping Up
7.8 – Additional Reading

BONUS | Meditation library

bonus #1

Meditation for beginners

In this mini course you’ll learn the foundations of mindfulness meditation and how to improve your practice over time.

bonus #2

Stress Relief Guided Meditation

Use this meditation to cultivate gratitude, positive energy and peace when you are feeling stressed.

bonus #3

5-Minute Grounding Meditation

Discover the magic of grounding in this short but powerful meditation.

bonus #4

10-Minute Relaxation Body Scan

This guided practice focuses on relaxing the whole body so you can reduce stress.

The full trauma-informed path to healing

Start healing today

Enroll in now in the Mind-Body-Spirit Healing Program

This program is
for you if you are...

  • Determined and ready to make a massive change in your life
  • Excited about the future and can see, even a tiny, glimpse of hope
  • Open to trying new ideas
  • Absolutely sick and tired of feeling overwhelmed and burned out
  • Willing to step outside of your comfort zone in a safe and supportive environment

This program is
for you if you are...

  • Not ready for change (that’s okay, sometimes it’s just not the right time)
  • Too afraid to try new ideas
  • Not willing to think outside of the box
  • Want to avoid the hard work to make magic happen
  • Feeling suicidal and in crisis **

If this isn’t the right program, that’s okay. If this isn’t the right time, that’s okay.

**If you are feeling suicidal and in crisis, please contact a medical professional for help. When you are in a state of crisis, your body is flooded with stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. This makes it harder to think clearly, concentrate, and remember information. This is why our program won’t be beneficial right now. It’s essential to find medical care to get into a more regulated state so you can participate fully.

If you need immediate help, dial 988, or visit 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline for live chat.

Hear what others have to say...

Kind words from others
Trauma informed healing

Create Lasting Change

By taking a holistic approach to re-training your brain, body, and nervous system, you can address the root causes of your issues from every angle, significantly improving your physical, emotional, and mental health.
Mind-body healing

Improve Emotional Regulation​

When you re-train your brain, body, and nervous system to react differently, you become more resilient to stress. This allows you to process challenging emotions and situations better and ultimately lead a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.
creating change

Psychology safe environment

A psychologically safe environment is critical to healing for trauma survivors. This is a place where you can share your experiences and emotions without fear of judgment or harm. It’s our priority that you feel understood and heard so you can begin building trusting relationships with others.
Showing up mindfully

Become a more present mother

Being more present as a mother allows you to be better in tune with your children’s emotions so you can respond in a nurturing and supportive way. As a present mother, you model healthy behaviors and coping strategies, which can help your children develop their own resilience and problem-solving skills, leading them to be happier, healthier, and well-adjusted.
Practicing self-love

Discover your true self

Science tells us that living authentically is key to happiness. It’s one of the primary reasons trauma survivors struggle. We learned to live trying to fit someone else’s expectations or ideals. When we can embrace our own values, passions, and beliefs and make choices that align with our true selves, we have a greater sense of fulfillment, purpose, and overall well-being.

Stop generational trauma patterns

Breaking generational trauma cycles is complex and requires considerable effort, courage, and support. By taking steps to address the trauma passed down through your family, you can build a brighter, more positive future for not only you but future generations. You can stop the ripples of dysfunction and pain—let it end with you.


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For full transparency, please know that our pricing is based on the level of service, education, and support we aim to offer to ensure you get the best possible experience. Putting a price on growth and changing your life can be challenging. And we can’t make everyone happy. If you don’t feel comfortable with these price points and it’s not the right time for you, that’s okay. Please check out our free resource library to help you in your journey. 



The Mind-Body-Spirit Healing: Building a Strong Foundation


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  • Guided Meditations & EFT Training
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  • [BONUS] Meditation Library
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Why 7 days?

Out of respect for the class and the women engaging in the program, I want to be fair and make sure students are committed to the program and not joining to casually view the content and leave. 

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