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Reprogramming for Resilience:

Coping Skills for Trauma Survivors

This self-study online course aims to teach trauma survivors healthy coping skills to manage stress and improve decision-making abilities. Through the course, you will gain insight into your habitual trauma response patterns and discover how to use mindfulness, and cognitive techniques to regulate your emotions, minimize anxiety, and boost resilience.

Does it feel like you are living the same day over and over no matter how hard you try to change?

You’ve been working hard to change, but you still feel so far away from where you want to be. I get it.  It seems impossible to lock in the life changes you want, no matter how hard you try.

It may be adjusting to a healthier lifestyle, becoming more assertive, or increasing self-esteem, but you feel trapped and unsure what to do. You’re motivated but always wind up in the same place as you started…

Unhappy with your results and falling back into old habits.

Here's the Problem

As a trauma survivor, your brain operates differently. And trying to create change like everyone else just doesn’t work. You’ve been taught that motivation and willpower are enough to change; it’s not. You can’t out-think your emotions.

It doesn’t work that way.

It’s time to flip everything you think about, creating changes in your lie. It’s time to learn how to break old thought patterns so you can create new behaviors.

kristina bentle awakened mom life

I'm Kristina Bentle


During my journey, I have learned many valuable lessons, but one of the most significant ones has been how to create sustainable, long-lasting changes without struggle and frustration.

My life was filled with depression and anxiety as I struggled to create the life I wanted. As I pushed harder, things got worse.

For years I felt...

  • Overwhelmed trying to make life changes
  • Defeated by my own mind
  • Flustered by my constant negative thoughts
  • I was stuck on a hamster wheel
  • Angry that I couldn’t just make the changes I wanted (a new diet, setting boundaries, etc)
  • Fearful that my life would never truly change

Yet, to cope I...

  • Pushed harder and harder o create the changes I wanted
  • Spent all my time obsessing about getting my dreams to happen (with little success)
  • Pretended that I had my life together to hide my insecurity
  • Blamed my circumstances and people in my life for own unhappiness
  • Started to convince myself that I was doomed to be stuck forever

Does this resonate with you? You've come to the right place.

My life changed forever when I finally made the ultimate discovery


Having grown professionally and personally for years, I have finally figured out how to create long-lasting, sustainable change with less struggle. The answer is based on science and neuroplasticity. 

Today, I teach trauma survivors worldwide how to get results quicker and easier so they feel more fulfilled and accomplished.

awakened mom life

What will you learn in the Reprogramming for Resilience Course?

Here's exactly what's covered

In the Awakened Mom Life Reprogramming for Resilience Course to create a life by design

The online course is made for busy moms. Lessons average 10-15 minutes to complete. No crazy long video lessons or endless reading.

Simply aim to commit 15-minutes a night to this course to see results.
accelerated results masterclass


Turning Baby Steps into Quantum Leaps Quicker

1.1 – Navigating This Course
1.2 – A Special Welcome & Notes
1.3 – The Right Tools to get Results Quicker & Easier
1.4 – The Proof is in the Pudding


What Does it Even Mean to Live a Life by Design?
2.1 – You are Limiting your Dreams
2.2 – What’s your Wooden Peg?
2.3 – What Would you Love?
2.4 – What Does Your Dream Life Look Like?
2.5 – What Does it Feel like?
accelerated results masterclass


Putting it Together with the Results Formula
3.1 – What’s Next in Creating your Dream Life?
3.2 – Jumping into the Results Formula
3.3 – How can you Implement the Results Formula into your Life?
3.4 – Life Lessons from Chinese Bamboo
3.5 – Give yourself Grace
3.6 – The Key to Taking Action
3.7 – Write it Down [Journal]
accelerated results masterclass


Understanding your Fear and why it's holding you back
4.1 – Your Inner Critic
4.2 – Moving Through Fear
4.3 – De-Constructing Fear
4.4- Exposure Ladder
4.5 – Write it down
accelerated results masterclass


Taking Steps Forward with Confidence

5.1 – When you Feel Indecisive
5.2 – The 5-Second Rule

accelerated results masterclass



6.1 – EFT for Self-Confidence
6.2 – EFT for Getting un-stuck
6.3 – Releasing Negativity Guided Meditation
6.4 – Loving Kindness Meditation

15-minutes a night to change your life

become more resilient

You can continue down the road of trial and error, or reading more self-help books… 

Or you can get the science-based step-by-step blueprint to creating more resilience.

It’s not enough to simply recognize your habits, you have to understand why you keep getting stuck

This program is
for you if you are...

  • Ready to make a change in your life
  • Excited about trying something new
  • Open to challenging old beliefs
  • Willing to step outside of your comfort zone in a safe and supportive environment

This program is
for you if you are...

  • Not ready for change (that’s okay, sometimes it’s just not the right time)
  • Too afraid to try new ideas
  • Not willing to think outside of the box
  • Want to avoid the hard work to make magic happen
  • Feeling suicidal and in crisis **

If this isn’t the right program, that’s okay. If this isn’t the right time, that’s okay.

**If you are feeling suicidal and in crisis, please contact a medical professional for help. When you are in a state of crisis, your body is flooded with stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. This makes it harder to think clearly, concentrate, and remember information. This is why our program won’t be beneficial right now. It’s essential to find medical care to get into a more regulated state so you can participate fully.

If you need immediate help, dial 988, or visit 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline for live chat.

Hear what others have to say...

Kind words from others
creating resilience

Improve mental health

You will learn how to manage stress better and overcome challenges without becoming overwhelmed.

improving your life

Greater Success and Achievement

Feel more secure in handling setbacks and adversity and more confident in the face of fear.

improving your health

Better Physical Health

By improving your ability to manage stress and cope with hardship, you are less likely to experience the negative physical consequences of stress.


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Reprogramming for Resilience: Coping Skills for Trauma Survivors


  • Online course lessons (Video, Audio, Articles)
  • Meditations, energy healing guidance
  • Transformative Activities & Guided Prompts
  • Community of healing moms
  • BONUS #1 : 2 LIVE Group Training Sessions
  • BONUS #2 : Unlimited Email Support for all of April

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7 Day money back

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

I don’t want unhappy money or unhappy clients. If this program doesn’t meet your expectations for any reason, then reach out to us,, and we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

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