Should you just accept the way things are?

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Should you just accept the way things are?

We all go through ups and downs in life. Does that mean you need to accept it?

Have you ever wondered to yourself… “this situation is awful but maybe I need to just accept it?” For example, maybe you think you should just accept a bad relationship, a terrible job, or maybe a horrible boss. Or have you ever told yourself, “others have it worse so I should just be grateful”?

Let me ask you a question. If you could wave a magic wand, how would you want things to be different? What would ideal look like?

You deserve that. You should strive for that.

If you’re in a relationship that is draining you, don’t just accept it. If you are miserable at work, find out your options. You do not have to accept anything that doesn’t bring you joy. You get to decide.

Wait? Shouldn’t I just be grateful for what I have?

Yes, you should be grateful for the things you have in life but that doesn’t mean you can’t strive for more. Being gratuitous and striving for better are not mutually exclusive.

Example: “My job is miserable and I’m undervalued. I should be making more money but my boss denied my raise.”

Shift to Gratitude: “I’m grateful to have a job while I comfortably search for a new, better paying job. I’m grateful for the lessons I’ve learned from my boss and the fact that I’m not willing to accept less than I know I deserve.”

Example: “I’m exhausted and I don’t have any friends who support me. They all want to sit around and complain and it makes me feel so awful about myself.”

Shift to Gratitude: “I’m grateful to have people that love me in my life and I accept that we are in different places in our lives. I’m grateful that I now see what kind of new friends I want to attract that share my vision and dreams,”
What do you want to shift in your life to a view of gratitude? It takes practice and repetition. If you don’t have the right support, this can be nearly impossible. You need the right support and tools to be able to shift your life.

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