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Get unstuck & kick-start massive shifts in career, relationships, health, and life. Manifest more abundance, freedom, and joy.

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Are you ready for a powerful kick-start in your personal development journey?

It's time to get out of the rut and discover what's next for your life

Enrolling in the Awakened Mom Life Academy, Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth Program is the simplest way to see shifts in your life quickly. With an easy to implement blueprint for taking your personal growth to the next level.

Feel like you haven’t had a win in awhile? This mini masterclass is for you.

If you are ready to dive in, have faith in the system, willing to step outside your comfort zone, I guarantee you will start to see shifts in your life within days.

Does this resonate with you?

• Ready to kick start some massive shifts in your life
• Felt like you’ve been in a rut for a long time & you’re done with the rut
• You’ve been living the same day on repeat for months or even years and it’s getting old
• Keep asking yourself “where did I go wrong?” to end up here in life?
• Trying to figure out what you really want to do with your life (mid-life crisis sort of thing)
• Feeling a deep sense of longing for something but can’t put it into words
• Really just want to make some changes and get life moving along again

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're in the right place.

You’re here because you have a deep yearning for more. The fulfillment you seek has eluded you, and you really aren’t sure what to do next. You can stop guessing. You found the answer.

Deep down inside, you know there is more to life and you’re ready to embrace it. You’re tired of living life halfway.

Your confidence has taken a hit lately as you try to balance motherhood, life, relationships, and career. You’re constantly trying to find new ways to expand but haven’t quite found the right path yet. Something deep down is still just “off” and it’s discouraging.
accelerate your spiritual personal growth

This program is for mothers who are ready to take action and to create lasting change.

It took me years of study, practice, and trial and error to find the path. Very soon YOU will get the blueprint that you’ve been looking for. Everything you’ve ever dreamed of is on the other side.

About the Awakened Mom Life Academy

Accelerate Your Personal & Spiritual Growth Mini Masterclass

The Accelerate Your Personal & Spiritual Growth Mini Masterclass is a self study program taught exclusively by Kristina Bentle, author, spiritual teacher, energy healer, and buddhist.

You will discover the secret to creating sustainable, long-term change with the “Results Formula.” Each section of the course contains actionable tools and exercises to help you apply these principles to your everyday life.

The Accelerated Results System™ will teach you simple strategies to help you easily move past fear, doubt and worry. You’ll learn the secret to what the most successful people in the world do that creates sustained success. And discover the number one reason that causes people to lose motivation when trying to pursue a dream (and how to stay motivated and get through it).

This is a tried and proven method for getting past resistance so you can experience results quicker, easier, and with less stress.

Accelerated Results System

The right tools to get results quicker

component 1: living life by design

Life keeps moving whether you want it to or not. If you aren’t living a life by design, you’re giving up your greatest gift. Learn how to effectively put together realistic & attainable blueprints for change in each of the 4 main areas of your life:

1. Health (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)
2. Career/Vocation
3. Relationships
4. Lifestyle (time, money, freedom)

component 2: results formula

You cannot jump to the top of the mountain but you sure can get there more quickly with a clear straight path. Discover how to stop swimming upstream and finally unlearn bad habits, old paradigms, release limiting beliefs and more.

Discover the secret to achieving greater results with less effort — known by some of the greatest thinkers of all time (Louise Hayes, Henry David Thoreau, Marianne Williamson, Albert Einstein, Napoleon Hill, and more).

component 3: conquering your fear

Has self-doubt held you back from living a life you love? You’re human and it’s natural.

Learn how you can be-friend fear to overcome your biggest challenges. Everything you desire in life is on the other side of fear. What would your life look like if you were to step past your fears with confidence, faith, and passion?

Personal growth and happiness are 100% dependent on your willingness to face your fears. Are you up for it? As a mother, what would you encourage your kids to do? Lead by example.
accelerate your results for mothers moms
accelerate spiritual growth for mothers

Are you ready to begin your transformation?

The universe is calling, it’s just waiting for you to answer.

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Who is Kristina Bentle

& how can she help?

kristina bentle spiritual coach mindful mother
I’m thrilled that we’ve crossed paths and the universe has brought you here. I’m incredibly passionate about teaching women to overcome paradigms to create massive shifts in life. I created the Awakened Mom Life Masterclass to inspire mothers to live their best lives while transforming mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

The Awakened Mom Life Masterclass is the culmination of EVERYTHING that has helped me and the women I have coached to manifest our deepest desires and fulfilling lives that we live today.

I’m a spiritual teacher, author, energy healer, EFT practitioner, certified CBT coach, and founder of Awakened Mom Life Academy.

If you will put your trust in me, have a little faith in the process, and a whole lot of faith in yourself… your life will never be the same again.

This program is perfect for you if you are...

  • Willing to step outside your comfort zone
  • Want to create massive life shifts quickly
  • Looking to make life changes that actually stick
  • Excited about learning and implementing new tools
  • Trying to find your next step because you have been incredibly unfulfilled
  • Someone who sees this opportunity as a life long investment in YOU

This program is NOT
for you if you are...

  • Unwilling to accept 100% responsibility for your reality
  • Want to place blame on others for your problems
  • Unwilling to step outside your comfort zone
  • You’re not willing to be honest with yourself about your desires
  • Someone who sees this program as an expense

Program Content Valued over $4,000

Training Modules (Video, Audio, & Articles)

Transformational Activities

Guided Meditations & EFT Trainings

[Bonus] Stronger Than Your Circumstances Workbook





  • Training Modules (Video, Audio, & Articles) – $1,997 Value
  • Weekly Transformational Activities – $897 Value
  • Guided Meditations & EFT Trainings – $1,497 Value
  • [Bonus] Stronger Than Your Circumstances Workbook – $97

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Limited time offer, $197. Payment plan option available for 2 payments of $111.

Still not sure?

Let me ask you a question.

Where will you be in a month if you do nothing different?

If you aren’t willing to try something new, you will never experience the life you deserve.