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resources for women healing trauma

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Reducing Toxins in Your Home & Life to Optimize Trauma Healing

Reducing Toxins in Your Home & Life [GUIDE]

Learn how to optimize your trauma healing journey & give your body space to heal.

Trauma disrupts your nervous system, altering brain & body functions which leads to health issues. Environmental toxins further stress our bodies, complicating trauma healing.

From the water you drink, air you breathe, & make-up you put on each day. This guide will show you how to lighten your toxic burden to create more space for your body to heal.

This is a 37 page step-by-step guide to cleaning out toxins from the key areas of your life.


new beginning planner - trauma healing

2024 New Beginnings Planner

The ultimate self-care and personal growth planner for women.

Ready to create a new chapter in your life and want some guidance along the way. 

This is the ultimate self-care and personal growth planner. Includes a full 12-month calendar, goal planner, self-care challenge, daily gratitude journal prompts, daily personal planner, weekly planner, daily self-reflection journal, and more!

This planner includes 30 Pages to help guide your year of new beginnings.


dreambuilding workbook awakened mom life
Dreambuilding Workbook for women

Dreambuilding Workbook

Helping you set goals, develop a growth mindset, achieve balance, visualize your dream future, reflect on your growth, cultivate self-compassion, and more.

In this workbook you will embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. This guide is designed to spark your imagination, encourage your creativity, and propel you towards creating the life you dream of. As you engage with the exercises and reflections within these pages, remember that the power to shape your reality lies within you. The life of your dreams is within reach, and this workbook is your trusted companion on the path to realizing it. Let’s begin this transformative journey together.



Breaking Free from the Past

A holistic Path for Women to Overcome Childhood Trauma

This book serves to help simplify the complex links between trauma, life, and health, offering you holistic approaches to healing and building resilience.

You will explore how unresolved trauma can impact all aspects of your life, such as relationships, career, health, emotions, and beyond. Plus, you’ll discover the science of healing and a step-by-step pathway to more effective trauma recovery.