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Kristina Bentle - Spiritual Healing


Author, speaker, podcast host, teacher, and life-long learner.

I believe that with the right healing tools, you can thrive beyond your wildest dreams.

My story is one of finding purpose in the midst of deep pain, tragedy, and grief—a story of the impact of complex trauma and finding the right tools to heal.

As a child, I survived the chaos of abuse and neglect. These experiences cast a long shadow on me—leading to severe depression and anxiety.

Life continued to deal its harsh blows, each leaving scars etched into my story. At 22, I mourned the loss of my best friend when she passed suddenly in a car accident. And then, at 24, I found myself navigating life as a widow when my fiancè passed away tragically in a car accident.

The weight of grief and loss was unbearable. I had a foundation of pain that was just compounding year after year.

It culminated in a desperate moment; at 29, I was on the brink of ending it all. I survived a suicide attempt.

In total, I spent fifteen years in therapy. Despite progress, a sense of emptiness always lingered. I felt lost and alone, destined always to feel disconnected from others. My life was filled with toxic relationships; every day, I faced chronic illness and chronic pain.

Despite my hardships, I did have success in the corporate world. Being a high-achiever set the stage for my career success. Yet, I constantly battled a relentless imposter syndrome, haunted by the fear of being exposed as unworthy.

At age 37, my life hit bottom when I was diagnosed with a neurological disability caused by trauma. I lost my career, my house, my car; I was essentially bedridden and unable to care for myself. I was forced to decide what I wanted for my life.

I decided I wanted to live, and I would find a way to heal.

That’s when I discovered a holistic approach to trauma healing. With each healing step, I reclaimed fragments of myself, piecing together the life I have always dreamed of—one of resilience, happiness, and inner peace.

With gratitude and strength in my heart, I stand as living proof that no matter the depth of despair, there is always a path to reclaiming your life.

My Passion

I am passionate about living life to the fullest, spiritual growth, and learning as much as possible along the way, and serving. I love strategy and problem-solving.

My Favorite things

I love reading, learning, and traveling. I am a big fan of The Office, 80s movies, and comedy. I feel most at home by the ocean and I dream of traveling the globe.

I aim to

Show up in life authentically with strength and vulnerability. My hope is that I can inspire other women to do the same.

my go-to healing tools

I love bilateral stimulation for stress release and emotional processing. You may periodically see me tapping when I need a little nervous system regulation.

My story demonstrates the devastating impact of emotional trauma on the body, and it's a testament to the transformative power of holistic trauma healing.

Year after year, my mental and physical health deteriorated. I found myself dismissed by doctors who insisted that “everything is fine,” leaving me feeling invalidated and unheard.

I spent years desperate for answers, and it took decades for me to realize the glaring gap in trauma-informed healing.

Once the scattered puzzle pieces came together, I was determined to help make the journey easier for others facing similar challenges.

I reclaimed my life, my health, and my happiness

and finally experienced Deep Spiritual Connection I always yearned for...

I was able to put a stop to imposter syndrome.

I finally broke through to hear my spirit guides.

I began to tap into my clairvoyance, intuition, and knowing.

I found the confidence to set boundaries without guilt.

I embraced the importance of prioritizing self-love and self-care.

I have taken full responsibility for my life and continue to make tough decisions to rebuild.

I learned how to find genuine happiness within.

I have become radically resilient in the face of even the most extreme stress.

I have discovered the courage to live true to myself.

My goal is to help you heal your physical Body, so you can Connect with your higher self, Feel more Joy, & Embrace your Spiritual Truth

I spent decades living in the matrix, feeling constricted, unhealthy, and suffering…

Every single human being has the potential to feel the fullest expression of self in this world. And that comes when you can break free from the physical limitations that may be trapped in your body. 

I would love to help you reconnect with your higher self and create a life full of love, joy, and success.

Kristina Bentle - Signature
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Kristina Bantle - White Shirt

Some professional details...

15 years experience in Personal & Professional Growth

Pursuing a Master of Education (MED) in Neuroscience & Trauma

Reiki Level 2 practitioner

EFT energy healing certified

Certified CBT Coach

20 years experience in Corporate Marketing

Fun Facts About Me
Years Healing

I’ve been studying self-help, personal growth, psychology, neuroscience and trauma. Currently, I am pursuing a Masters degree in Neuroscience and Trauma.

States in US Explored

I travelled the US full-time for 2 years and even live in Hawai’i for 6 months. We trekked over 4,000 miles.

Years in Corporate America

I started my career as an intern for the Cincinnati Reds MLB team and worked my way up the corporate ladder as a VP of Marketing in the MedTech industry.

A Year of Adventure Around the World

For two years, I travelled the US full-time with my husband and daughter—living in our 36 foot RV.

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