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I am Kristina Bentle

A mother, wife, and spiritual being, and voice for the divine wisdom that is ready to awaken in our society. I’m an HSP, INFJ, Reiki energy healer, EFT Practitioner, a wonderlust, free-spirit, Endo Warrior, Chronic pain survivor, Buddhist, and Universal Life Force.

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My Story

Widowed at 24, Suicide attempt survivor to thriving, successful business owner, mother & wife

My name is Kristina Bentle and this is my story. I always knew that I was here to make a major impact on the world. Throughout my life, I felt a longing for meaning and purpose. However, that longing went unanswered for many years.

Yet, I lacked the tools, mentors, resources, and support to begin exploring my purpose.

Of course, being a highly sensitive empath, I spent years doubting myself and hiding. I worried that I would never be able to break free from the anxiety, depression, and fear. So, I figured if I kept my dreams to myself I could ignore them.

A little background.

The real journey to my truth started with a knock on the door. It was 2008, and my world would never be the same again. When I opened the door, it was a police officer informing me “there’s been an accident.” My fiance was driving my jeep and had been thrown from the vehicle. Consequently, he was airlifted to the hospital.

The blur of those days and even years after that led me to question my life, beliefs, and my self-worth. You see, two years before losing my fiance, I lost my best friend in a car accident. As a result, I began to question if life was even worth living…
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Through years of therapy, reading self-help books, professional training, and attending seminars for personal growth I began to heal deep trauma wounds.

I began to experience more of life, yet I started to feel a different sense of dis-content. The anxiety increased as I kept pushing my dreams further and further down inside.

For years, I couldn't hold down a job and here I was climbing the corporate ladder, I experienced career success, and I was living the American dream. I had the house, car, family, and career... but there was still something missing inside of me.

I craved more in life but felt that I was supposed to be happy with what I had. I had survived incredible pain and tragedy yet I was still not happy. Deep down, I was yearning to connect with my purpose and contribute to the world in a bigger way… Finally, it all began to click. I found the freedom and creativity I craved. I found my alignment. That was the beginning of my own spiritual awakening.
Since then, I've travelled the country full-time, started my own purpose driven business (Awakened Mom Life Academy), and lived in Maui, Hawaii. I've been living my dream and now I help other moms do the same!

I found my TRUE SELF (the real Kristina Bentle) on this journey in many ways. Deep energetic blocks were released, as well as childhood trauma that was keeping me in shame.

The experience was deeply healing and I experienced a sense of release unlike ever before. I was able to finally fill that longing deep within, the spiritual longing for a sense of meaning in life.

This is how I discovered my purpose & my mission to empower other women how to embrace their self-worth, spiritual connection, and greatness. My aim is to help women fulfill that inner craving for meaning and purpose by aligning with their truth.

This is what I know for certain: YOU have the same longing and desire deep within. YOU crave to understand more about your purpose in this world. YOU are ready to step into your own greatness. The universe is simply waiting for YOU to answer the call and step forward to embrace your divine truth. I’m here to help you with that.
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A Year of Adventure with Kristina Bentle

A Spiritual Journey Across the Country

Let's have some fun!

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5 Random facts

1. Endo Warrior

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis at 26. I’ve been through multiple procedures to help ease pain. I am a chronic pain survivor. I am an #endowarrior

2. I Love Makeup

I’m really obsessed with all things hair and makeup because I love to be creative. Doing my hair and makeup is an amazing creative outlet. I also love having makeup free days occasionally!

3. Wonderlust

I’ve been to 35/50 states and I even lived in Hawaii for 6 months. Traveling is a way to experience the world outside of my own perception. I love seeing new cultures and embracing new thoughts, ideas, and wisdom from around the world.

4. infj, hsp, empath

I love learning about archetypes. They are incredibly helpful in understanding how we react to the world around us. I am an INFJ, the rarest of the Myers Briggs, MBTI personalities. I am also an HSP and Empath. I am sensitive to physical, emotional, and energetic energy. I have learned how to harness, embrace and use these powers to help others.

5. Music is Life

Music is very important for me. I have been surrounded by musicians all of my life. I have playlists for every occasion in life. I love everything from Indie Folk to 90s Pop. Some of my favorite artists include Ziggy Marley, Ben Harper, Trevor Hall, Bob Dylan, Eddie Vedder, Citizen Cope, Xavier Rudd

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