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Trauma Healing for busy women

Embark on a life-changing transformative journey with Awakened Mom Life.

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Moms Healing Trauma

Online Community

If you’re ready for more support, encouragement, and understanding then you’ve found the right place. 

Join our community of growth-minded healing women with weekly live somatic healing sessions, 

$25 per month / Coming Soon!

Unlock Your Inner Strength


This online self-study course lays the groundwork for more effective trauma healing by diving into the science of the healing process.

Discover the next steps to a future filled with confidence, inner strength, resiliency, and a profound sense of wholeness.


creating calm within - somatic healing for women

Creating Calm Within

6-Week Somatic Healing Program

Join this immersive six-week immersive online program that focuses on the power of somatic healing.

During this program you will learn to embrace somatic healing as part of your healing journey so that you can release the biology of trauma, calm your nervous system, and feel more inner peace.


Mindful Evolution

12-Week Program for Deeper Healing

Are you prepared to shatter your self-limiting limitations? It’s time to break through your own ceiling, embracing the potential that lies beyond your perceived boundaries. Get ready to overcome obstacles, unlock new possibilities, and embark on a journey of personal growth and empowerment.


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