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A Journey of Finding Light in the Darkness

During my healing journey, I always felt disconnected from spiritual coaches and practitioners because I couldn’t relate to their stories. It took me a while to realize it. I couldn’t relate to them because it felt like they’d lived “easy” lives, and I don’t say that to dismiss their struggles…

My journey to discovering my truth....

Kristina Bentle

Hello, I'm Kristina​

I love the color pink 💖 emojis 🦄 and exclamation points! ✨

The ocean 🏖️ is my safe space, I am naturally giddy 😝 and easily excited ⭐ about small things in life.

Welcome to my corner of the internet, I hope you find comfort, inspiration, and hope as we journey together toward collective awakening. 🧘🏼‍♀️

Some random fun facts…

I’m fascinated by archetypes, patterns, and science, and some labels that have helped me understand myself: I’m an INFJ, Human Design Projector, 4W3 Enneagram, and a high C and high D in DISC. 

What does it all mean? I’m a unique blend of creativity and analysis, sensitivity and logic—a bit of an oddball in many ways and I love it.

My journey is a testament to discovering love 💗 and light amidst profound healing ❤️‍🩹 from pain and suffering. I’m honored to be able to share it with you…

My Journey to Here

Feeling Lost & Alone...

For years, I felt disconnected from other coaches and practitioners. Their stories didn’t resonate with me. Even today, I see so many coaches who simply don’t resonate with me because they’ve lived “easy” lives. And I don’t say that to be dismissive of their struggles…

You see, my life has been profoundly defined by pain and suffering.

Childhood trauma, widowhood, a suicide attempt, sexual assault, chronic pain, disability, PTSD, depression, and anxiety, just to name a few.

A lifetime of suffering shaped my mind and body in profound ways that most people can’t even begin to comprehend. So, listening to advice from those who haven’t walked this difficult path led to more pain than healing.

For more than ten years, I explored various personal and spiritual growth paths, from manifesting to positive thinking, mindfulness practices, visualizations, affirmations, energy healing, chakra balancing, Reiki, yoga, and more. However, despite my passionate efforts, I couldn’t achieve the success or happiness that others did. Deep down, I still felt lost, alone, disconnected.

Dark Night of the Soul

My path to spiritual awakening was deeply painful. When I lost my fiancè and attempted to take my own life… I thought that was my dark night of the soul. But little did I know, it was only the beginning of a much deeper journey.

I always felt different. When I began exploring my spirituality, it felt like a way to finally understand why I felt so profoundly different. At times, I wanted to run away to the mountains of Nepal and become a monk to ease my pain.

I have always been very sensitive, both physically and energetically. I have also always had a deep yearning for purpose and meaning. So, as my life progressed and I was not living in alignment, I lived in a constant state of existential crisis. I felt profoundly disconnected and utterly alone for so long, even in a room full of people.

Kristina Bentle - Spiritual Healing

Dreams of Home

For years, I dreamed of home, a planet of light and love. In my dreams, I was pure energy of light, surrounded by family and friends of the same.
When I woke up in this physical reality, I felt confused because it felt like a dream. It only led me to feel more alone and disconnected.

I would hear voices telling me that I volunteered to come here and that my choice was made out of the purest of love, even though this decision was perilous. Coming to Earth meant I risked not being with my family for many lifetimes. Yet, I never questioned the journey because of my deep love.

All this seemed so confusing, bizarre, and far outside what my imagination could muster. I chalked it up to my mind, playing tricks on me or dismissed it as mere fantasy.

Exploring the Depths

As my trauma started to overtake my life and my body was shutting down, I began diving deeper into my spirituality as a way to find any semblance of peace and hope. Desperately seeking answers, I started exploring the metaphysical. That’s when I stumbled upon the Akashic records, which was the first massive step in giving me direction and validation.

My very first question was….. “why is my life so full of pain, suffering, and tragedy? Am I meant to be a tortured soul?”

And the answer was so clear.

My past lives had been marked by threads of great suffering and pain. And it became unmistakable that the work I was doing to heal in this lifetime was healing the lineage of my soul. I was healing generational trauma and soul trauma in ways that hadn’t yet been done in my soul’s incarnations on the planet.

Little did I know then that discovering the Akashic records was just the beginning of my spiritual awakening.

energy cleansing
spiritual healing

Validation of My Truth

As I started to heal my body from trauma and achieve a more balanced physical state, my spiritual growth soared.

Not only was I regaining my physical independence, I was healing my energetic body without yet being able to understand that that was what I was doing. I was focusing on the science of trauma; I wasn’t focusing on my spiritual growth.

Yet, the more I healed physically, the more I began to feel a closer connection to my spirit guides, I felt more connected to my intuition, and I felt more inner peace.

I began to experience synchronicity and alignment in ways I never could even have imagined possible before.

I was manifesting in ways that I was never able to before.

As I began to follow my intuition, each day brought more clarity, peace, and new direction. My anxiety and depression were disappearing, and I was experiencing a sense of acceptance and balance like I’d never felt before.

That’s when I discovered the Law of One.

The Law of One was the doorway I had longed to find and didn’t know I was searching for. It brought validation, affirmation, comfort, and a sense of connection that I hadn’t been able to experience before in this life. It validated that my dreams were real; every detail and whisper from my spirit guides that I had questioned and doubted was suddenly validated in these teachings.

It was like stepping into a world where my dreams and inner guidance were affirmed with stunning precision.

It felt like I was watching an old home movie that I had watched a thousand times….

Through the Law of One, I finally understood that I am a 7th-density wanderer.

My soul chose to descend to Earth to aid in raising humanity’s collective consciousness. I came to serve as a guide, a beacon of light to help others awaken to higher truths. And that choice came with risks.

I recognize that my soul made this choice with full awareness of the risks of forgetting my true nature behind the veil of earthly existence. Yet, being an entity of pure love, I embraced this risk out of a deep and profound love that transcended individual pain and embraced the universal truth of oneness.

My soul yearned for a catalyst to deepen my experience of pure love. Embracing the Law of Duality, my soul chose to explore the lesson of choosing love even in the face of the deepest pain and suffering. You see, a fundamental aspect of the soul’s evolution is experiencing growth, where profound pain can deepen our capacity for love and understanding.

When I finally began to embrace this spiritual truth and pierced the veil, it opened my eyes to a deep sense of purpose, clarity, connection, and love. It affirmed that every experience in my life has served a higher purpose in my soul’s journey toward enlightenment.

It has deeply connected me to the Divine and lifted the veil—something I wasn’t able to even fathom before because of the low vibrational state of my energy body.

Science of Spirituality

In this journey, I have had a profound realization. Science is the language of spirituality. By understanding the relationships of the macrocosm and microcosm of energy, we can heal the human body and harmonize it with our higher selves within this third density of existence.

Embracing the sacred union of science and spirituality, we can navigate this existence fully and awaken to our full potential. For many of us, that means healing the energetic body and releasing the trauma of this lifetime and our soul lineage.

Together, let’s embrace the power of source, healing, love, and light, to raise the collective consciousness.

Kristina Bantle - Childhood Trauma Healing 3

I would love to be your guide

I help the seekers of this world align with their inner truth—to release those last remaining blocks to reach the fullest expression of self.

So you can embody the light, love, harmony, and conscious awakening that are available to you within this density.