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healing your mother wound

Healing the Mother Wound & Reclaiming Your Power

The Mother Wound refers to the attachment trauma that can develop when a child experiences a lack of nurturing, validation, and unconditional love from their mother. This can create a sense of confusion and devastation in your psyche as a young child. It can instill deeply rooted beliefs that make you feel unloved, unworthy, abandoned, unworthy of care, invisible, and even fearful of expressing yourself. 

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therapy for complex trauma

Therapy might not be the right answer to healing complex trauma

Did you know that certain forms of therapy can actually make the trauma worse? Yes, it’s true. Unfortunately, healthcare providers are not all trauma-informed. This means that they aren’t taking into consideration how your childhood has impacted your life (e.g. complex trauma). Hence, they can’t give you the proper care to guide you to healing. Lack of trauma-informed care is a huge issue! 

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being a more mindful mom

Mindful Motherhood: The Challenges and Rewards

Being a mom can be one of a woman’s most rewarding and fulfilling experiences, but it’s not without challenges. Being a mom can be overwhelming, from juggling multiple responsibilities to dealing with stress and anxiety. That’s why mindfulness is so important for moms. One of my favorite things about mindfulness is that it’s a way to be present in the moment, where you can reduce stress, improve your overall well-being, and be a better mom to your children.

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