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Embracing the Wisdom of the Lotus to Reach Your Fullest Expression


Embracing the Wisdom of the Lotus to Reach Your Fullest Expression

The lotus represents beauty and thriving amid darkness to find the Light—a journey to becoming the fullest expression of self.

The lotus, in its journey from the depths of the mud to the radiant Light, mirrors our own struggles.

It’s a demanding journey, yet the lotus doesn’t question its purpose and path. 

The lotus emerges when the energy is aligned for blossoming.

And one day, the first bud appears above the surface for the world to see. Then, one by one, the petals open. 

The lotus, in its fullest expression, is a sight to behold.

Embracing the Wisdom of the Lotus to Reach Your Fullest Expression 2
Picture I took of a lotus pond at Maui’s Garden of Eden

It never questions that the darkness was vital to reaching this point in the beauty of full expression.

It never compares itself to the water lily nearby, which takes a different journey to full expression.

The lotus embraces the darkness as part of the journey and then stands tall in its unique beauty. 

The lotus uses the darkness to gather the proper nutrients and energy for growth. 

Gently growing and expanding seemingly out of sight, yet, the growth happening beneath the surface is vital to blooming.

Are you like the lotus?

Some of us face more pain and suffering; we came to this human experience to find Light amid even the darkest of dark.

The pain of trauma, illness, loss, death, and suffering can leave us feeling like the darkness will be here forever.

Yet, just like the lotus, you are gathering nutrients to experience your highest self, blooming into your fullest expression of love and beauty.

Trust the wisdom within.

As you bloom, you will discover that you can leave the darkness in the past—you will fully embody beauty, light, love, acceptance, and unwavering strength in blossom.

And in this full expression, you will know that the lessons of darkness served you well, and now it can be released as you experience the beauty of your divine truth.

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