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Women Healing trauma

Online Community

to empower your healing journey


Women Healing Trauma

Online Community

to empower your healing journey

A safe space for healing

for women, by women

Are you ready for more support, encouragement, and understanding? You’ve been working hard to heal; it’s hard. Perhaps you’ve been establishing new boundaries with toxic family and friends, and as a result, you find yourself with a smaller circle of people around you now. It’s time to surround yourself with women who are growth-minded and will inspire positive change in your life.

womens healing collective

a message from Kristina

I'm thrilled that you're here—seriously.

I know that if you are here, that we some things in common. If you’re here… You’re a survivor of trauma. You’ve navigated through dark days and have worked hard to grow and heal. Now, you are looking for more…

When I began to heal, I felt alone and afraid. I had never experienced a healthy relationship, and frankly, I didn’t know where to start.

When I began to experience the magic of support and community, I knew I wanted to make it easier for other women on similar journeys—and I wanted it for myself too!

Unlock your full healing potential


Experience the power of community as you connect with like-minded women on a shared journey. A supportive space where you can share, learn, and grow together, building lasting connections.


Engage in a nurturing space that goes beyond traditional self-care. Our community provides holistic practices, including somatic healing and more, fostering well-being for mind, body, and spirit.

Empowerment and Growth

A space dedicated to your personal growth that empowers you to embrace transformation, discover your strengths, and thrive on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

Weekly Live Somatic Healing

Exclusive access to regular live online somatic sessions designed to help you cultivate a deeper sense of calm, resilience, and presence, empowering you to navigate the complexities of motherhood with greater ease.

Behind the Community

Introducing The Women's Healing Collective

Experience the magic of three experts coming together to empower you.


Awakened Mom Life

Kristina Bentle

Teacher, Author,
Neuroscience & Trauma Expert

Emilie Delworth

The Peaceful Mother

Emilie Delworth

Parenting Coach,
Trauma Recovery Coach & Author


Safe in You

Savannah Miller

Resiliency Coach
& Breathwork Facilitator

Awakened Mom Life +
Women's Healling Collective​

The journey of healing isn’t meant to be traveled alone; it’s through connection, support, and shared experiences radical healing and growth occur. That’s why the three of us have come together to create the Women’s Healing Collective.

The Collective is a unified community. As three women on our own healing journeys, we recognize the importance of community support in our own lives. By coming together to create this collaborative space, we’re not only providing a supportive environment for fellow moms but also nurturing our own need for support, connection, and empowerment—because that’s how important it is

When you join the community, you will have access to the collective expertise and guidance of all three of us.

Embrace healing and growth with us – become a member today and join a safe and supportive space on your trauma recovery journey!

what's included


Introductory rate of only $25 per month


this is the right place for you if...

  • You are working to heal from childhood trauma and break generational trauma.
  • You’ve experienced (any type of) trauma & want to find support.
  • You feel isolated on your healing journey.
  • You are dealing with toxic family and/or estrangement.
  • Are ready to explore new ways to heal and grow with support.
  • You are looking to make new friends and connections.


this might not be the best fit if...

  • You are in crisis and in need of immediate professional help.
  • You are seeking a substitute for professional mental health treatment.
  • You are not comfortable with open discussions about personal experiences.
  • You are seeking a medical diagnosis.

awakened mom life

online community

A monthly membership community in partnership with the Women’s Healing Collective.

Do I have to be a mom to join?

No! You don’t have to be a mom to join our community. All women are welcome with open arms.

Are only women allowed to join?

Yes, we’re currently only allowing women to join our community to create a safe, supportive space where members can freely share.

Someday, we hope to expand our community and extend the same opportunities to men as well. We believe that everyone deserves access to support and healing. 

What is holistic trauma healing?

Holistic trauma healing is a comprehensive approach that addresses trauma on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

It recognizes the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit and integrates various modalities such as cognitive techniques, mindfulness, bodywork, nutrition, and energy healing.

This approach empowers individuals to become active participants in their healing journey, fostering self-awareness, self-compassion, and resilience for a profound and sustainable path to recovery.

What is Somatic Healing?
Somatic healing focuses on the body’s role in processing and releasing trauma. It involves techniques that help individuals reconnect with their bodily sensations, emotions, and experiences to promote healing. By addressing trauma stored in the body, somatic healing aims to release tension, restore balance, and promote overall well-being. Techniques may include breathwork, movement practices, body awareness exercises, and hands-on modalities like massage or acupuncture. Somatic healing recognizes that trauma is not only stored in the mind but also in the body, and by addressing both, individuals can experience profound healing and transformation.
Can I do somatic healing if I have health issues?

Yes, somatic healing can often be adapted to accommodate various health issues.

However, it’s crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new healing modality, especially if you have underlying health concerns.

Always prioritize your health and safety when exploring somatic healing or any other form of therapy.

How do I know if holistic trauma healing is right for me?

Holistic trauma healing may be suitable for you if you resonate with the idea of addressing trauma on multiple levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

If you’re seeking a more comprehensive approach that honors the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit in the healing process, holistic trauma healing could be beneficial.

Additionally, if you’re open to exploring alternative modalities beyond traditional therapy and are committed to your personal growth and healing journey, holistic trauma healing may be a good fit for you.

What exactly is the Women's Healing Collective?

The Women’s Healing Collective is a unified community. We three entrepreneurs coming together jointly to grow community. Instead of trying to take on all the work that comes with launching this type of safe space individually, we are leaning into the support of each other to better serve and support our audiences.

Can I learn more about all the women who are running the Community?

Of course! Connect with us and learn more about us.

"Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued."
- Brené Brown