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The Power of Resilience: Pain and your Spiritual Evolution


finding light through the darkness

I have always thought that our pain can teach us valuable lessons. For a long time, I just believed it was a choice to dwell and suffer or learn and hopefully feel some joy. I didn’t give it much more consideration than that until recently when I started to explore the profound concept of pain as a catalyst for growth and spiritual evolution.

Most of my life was filled with deep pain and suffering, which led to behaviors and patterns that created more pain and suffering. I was left confused and couldn’t help but wonder why some people had to endure so much pain while others didn’t. It was difficult for me to understand why bad things happened to good people.

pain and suffering and growth

For decades, trauma has been a defining force in my life. It started with the loss of my best friend at 22, followed by losing my fiancè at 24.

These losses, alongside a profound mother wound, experiences of sexual abuse, and a battle with mental health struggles like depression and anxiety, all took their toll, leading to a deterioration of my physical health.

The physical pain compounded the mental trauma I endured: conditions like endometriosis, Hashimoto’s Disease, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), Fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, chronic pain syndrome, degenerative disc disease, and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (just to name a few) added layers of complexity and challenges to my daily life.

I felt like a tortured soul….

I felt like I was put here on Earth with a deep karmic debit or that God had a twisted sense of humor….

But… I’ve started to reconsider.

What if those of us who are here with deep trauma aren’t being punished? What if we don’t have massive karmic debt but came here to experience the deepest level of spiritual evolution?

Clearly, this idea hits differently depending on where you are in your healing journey.

If this idea is triggering, please take a step back and prioritize your emotional well-being.

Setting boundaries and disengaging from topics that create distress is perfectly healthy, and it’s important to honor that feeling and redirect your focus to something more aligned with your current needs and interests.

I remember feeling angry when someone even inferred that I would choose to feel the level of pain I’ve endured in my human existence. Why would any person cause this level of self-infliction?

I don’t think of it as self-inflicting pain anymore, and I don’t think we choose the situations or events we experience in this human existence. However, I believe we choose the lessons we want to learn as souls in this incarnation, in our spiritual evolution.

As energetic beings, we are all made up of the same energy and consciousness. We come to this planet to learn and grow, we do that through pain and suffering.

Now consider the Law of Duality. Everything in our universe exists on a continuum. Think of a pendulum in a clock. I believe that profound pain brings equal potential for profound growth, joy, and spiritual evolution to the same degree. This perspective has shifted how I view challenges and has opened my eyes to the transformative power hidden within our struggles.

spiritual evolution and pain

If we lived contented lives from the beginning, would we be as motivated to learn and grow?

If a student breezed through every lesson without challenge, would they truly appreciate the depth of knowledge and understanding gained from overcoming obstacles?

Can we really experience the depth of life if we haven’t experienced the darkness? 

Can we fully appreciate beauty if we haven’t seen the ugliness of life?

Similarly, I believe our journey through pain and suffering serves as a catalyst for profound spiritual evolution, shaping us into resilient beings capable of finding light amidst darkness and inspiring others along the way.

What if some of us came here to find the light through the darkness as part of our spiritual evolution?

We came here to remember the light within and find our star family along the way. We wanted to experience human existence to the fullest extent possible and, by doing so, transcend our challenges and pain. 

What if our journey through the darkness was not in vain but rather a path to rediscover our inner strength, resilience, and spiritual evolution?

Perhaps we are here to learn, grow, and heal—not just for ourselves but also for others who may be on similar paths. Maybe, just maybe, our purpose lies in shining our light so brightly that we can illuminate the way for those still finding their way through the shadows, guiding them toward spiritual growth, spiritual evolution, and transformation.

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