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Losing yourself in motherhood & re-claiming your identity


when you feel lost in motherhood

Many mothers feel suffocated under pressure to become Super Moms. Relate? For this reason, you may succumb to the pressures of becoming an overachieving mom to the point where you feel like you are losing yourself in motherhood.

When you become a mom, it’s easy to lose your identity. After all, Motherhood is a never-ending list of demands, including sleepless nights, diaper changes, making dinner, laundry, homework, doctor’s visits, arranging schedules, and everything in between. This often leads to tunnel vision, and moms neglect themselves in favor of what they think the family needs.

lost yourself in motherhood

Almost every mom sometimes feels like she’s lost her identity in Motherhood.

You reflect on the days before Motherhood and remember how life looked a lot different. You used to care about your appearance; now, you live in sweats and tees as much as you can. You ate what you wanted, went to bed when you wanted, and watched whatever you wanted. You felt like you were in control of your life.

While you are still in control of your life, it looks different. Because those little ones become your top priority. And all too often, this means moms continually sacrifice until a moment comes when she feels absolutely burnt out

Motherhood will always be part of who you are, but it doesn’t have to define you completely.

Your role in your children’s lives is only part of who you are. After becoming a mother, it just takes time to figure out who you are now. Motherhood changes you to the core, teaching you patience, self-sacrifice, and unconditional love.

The key to growth as a mother is to allow these new lessons to help you evolve into your best self. Because by being your best self, you demonstrate to your children what it means to practice self-love and compassion.

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