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Kristina Bentle

Through inspiration, trauma education & storytelling, I help empower moms to live happier & healthier lives.

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Kristina Bentle

Childhood trauma & Trauma Healing Specialist

Kristina Bentle is devoted to empowering women to live their best life. Through sharing her experiences as a survivor of childhood abuse and neglect, a suicide attempt, and losing her partner at a young age, Kristina sheds light on how these challenges affected her life and how she’s used the experiences to help heal.

As a highly motivated and ambitious marketing professional, she climbed the corporate ladder for almost 20 years—yet, chasing success led to a more profound feeling of disconnect. She constantly felt like an imposter as she battled deep depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and deteriorating health. All of this inner turmoil left her feeling isolated and misunderstood.

After years of pursuing personal growth, therapy, thousands of hours reading self-help books, and education, Kristina started to put the puzzle pieces together to heal, embracing her inner strength and learning to thrive. During her decade-long journey to healing, she realized that the healthcare industry was immensely lacking in being able to acknowledge and treat survivors of childhood trauma. That’s when she began her mission of creating the Awakened Mom Life Trauma Healing Academy.

Read Kristina Bentle’s full story here.

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"My mission is to help moms create a lifestyle of healing and possibility." - Kristina Bentle

Speaking Topics


  • The science of trauma
  • Impact of childhood trauma on your health
  • More effective trauma healing
  • Why it’s so hard to make healthy changes when you have suffered from trauma
  • Natural ways to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Breaking the mental health stigma
  • Finding success in the workplace when you struggle with depression and anxiety
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