Kristina Bentle

Through inspiration, trauma education & storytelling, I help empower moms to live happier & healthier lives.

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Kristina Bentle

Childhood Abuse & Trauma Healing Specialist

Kristina Bentle is dedicated to helping mothers live their best life. Kristina shares about her experience as a suicide attempt survivor, young widow, and survivor of childhood abuse and neglect, and how it impacted her life.

As an ambitious woman, she climbed the corporate ladder. Feeling like a fraud in life, she constantly feared being discovered. She lived every day riddled with imposter syndrome, depression, and anxiety. She also faced chronic pain and rapidly deteriorating health; she felt alone and misunderstood.

Kristina began to embrace her inner strength several years after becoming a young widow. The journey was slow at times and incredibly painful. Once she began to embrace her inner power and authentic self, she started to thrive.

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"My mission is to help moms create a lifestyle of healing and possibility." - Kristina Bentle

Speaking Topics

  • The importance of healing childhood trauma to stop generational trauma
  • Impact of childhood trauma on your health
  • How to ensure long-term change
  • Why it’s so hard to make healthy changes when you have suffered from trauma
  • Natural ways to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Breaking the mental health stigma
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