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We’re a passionate team dedicated to guiding women to heal from the impact of trauma. We’re committed to creating a trauma-informed space and teaching with empathy and a deep understanding of complex trauma’s impact on the brain. 

Kristina Bentle

Hi, my name is

Kristina bentle

Founder, Teacher, Researcher

I’m Kristina Bentle, author, spiritual leader, inspirational speaker, founder of Awakened Mom Life, energy healer, Buddhist, science nerd, and mindfulness warrior. My goal is to empower women to become the masters of their own destiny. 

I have found a profound purpose in helping others by sharing my story of breakdown to breakthrough.

Hi, my name is

Savannah Miller

Breathwork and Resiliency Coach

I am a highly sensitive, recovering people pleaser, millennial, childhood abuse survivor, wife, and mom of two teenagers and a 6 year old (yes, it gets crazy). I continue to lean into my wildly courageous side to break as much generational trauma I can in my lifetime.