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Unlock your inner strength


The next steps to a future filled with confidence, inner strength, resiliency, and a profound sense of wholeness.

Discover a powerful new opportunity to reclaim your life from trauma.


Learn how you can feel more confident, resilient, and empowered.

Are you fed up with the uncertainty of the healing process? Discover a transformative path that not only provides you with essential tools but also guides you with clarity.

What you'll learn...

• Why a one-size-fits-all approach is holding you back
• How to experience profound changes more quickly
• Why diligently following all the advice from your doctors, and doing everything "by the book," still isn't giving you the results you're hoping for
• The map to holistic healing according to science
• The biggest mistake you're making that's keeping you stuck
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How would your life look different if you could...

▪ Feel more in touch with your body

▪ find the words to express yourself

▪ Have a roadmap to healing & growth

▪ Have more moments of calm in your day

How would you show up as a mom when you begin to heal your heart?


unlock your inner strength

This introductory masterclass is specifically built for busy women. 

Micro-lessons make it easy to jump in when you have 15 minutes and then jump back out. All the while you are learning practical tools for growth.

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Unlock Your Inner Strength

The details

Online Program

Access any time, anywhere. This masterclass offers flexibility, allowing you to access valuable resources and support at your own pace and schedule, fitting seamlessly into your demanding lifestyles. (includes 9 modules +Bonuses)


Short, powerful lessons that allow you to learn new skills quickly. Lessons average between 5-10 minutes. No sitting behind a computer for an hour!

Healing tools

This masterclass includes somatic healing exercises to help you connect with your body. A key element of the healing process.


You’ll have access to downloadable resources that stay by your side throughout your learning and growth journey, providing convenient access whenever you need them.

A comprehensive approach to healing

A trauma-focused healing program designed especially for you. Support, education, community, care, and healing you deserve.

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Unlock your inner strength


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7 Day money back

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

I don’t want unhappy money or unhappy clients. If this program doesn’t meet your expectations for any reason, then reach out to us,, and we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

Why 7 days?

Out of respect for the class and the women engaging in the program, I want to be fair and make sure students are committed to the program and not joining to casually view the content and leave. 

Teacher & Research

Hi, I'm Kristina Bentle

Awakened Mom Life was born from my personal journey of struggling to heal from trauma (which I didn’t even know I had!). I began to recognize that accessing trauma-informed care was incredibly difficult.

My goal is to help more women find the care they rightfully deserve. By healing, we empower our children with better opportunities, break generational trauma cycles, and pave the way for happier and healthier lives for generations to come.

  • 15 years experience in personal & professional growth
  • Pursuing a Master of Science (M.S.) in Neuroscience & Trauma
  • Reiki Level 2
  • EFT energy healing certified
  • Certified CBT Coach
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kristina bentle