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Law of Attraction not Working for you?


law of attraction metaphysical crystals

Let’s talk about the law of attraction. You can read everywhere on the internet about manifesting your dreams and creating abundance via the law of attraction. It sounds dreamy and amazing but there’s a BIG problem that no one talks about… the law of attraction requires ACTION on your behalf.

All too often, people focus on attraction and high vibrations without understanding the other half of the equation. The law of attraction only really works if you act on the things you draw to you.

You cannot simply manifest your dreams by sitting around idly.

I see two major issues with people practicing the law of attraction. I’ll outline them for you here so you can understand why it hasn’t been working for you and how to change that.

Mistake #1: Believing that The Law of Attraction is simply done through meditations using crystals and practicing spiritual alignment.

The first stage of using the Law of attraction is purposeful action. How do you act purposely? You get aligned spiritually. See the difference? It’s the purposeful action that is key and that carries into all stages of the law of attraction. Without action on your behalf, the law of attraction ceases to exist.

Mistake #2:Being passive and expecting things to fall in your lap. Expecting that The Law of Attraction works without any exerted efforts from you (besides spiritual alignment).

What’s the common thread here? ACTION.

You must be willing to act on opportunities that show up in your life. The Law of Attraction works when you open your eyes to the things coming into your life. It could be a job opening in another department that gets you closer to your goal. Perhaps it’s a close friend reaching out that you haven’t heard from in a while. The Law of Attraction doesn’t drop things directly in your lap, you have to be ready and willing to see opportunities around you guiding in the direction of your dreams. You cannot take things at face value and that’s why awareness is so important. 

Here’s the ultimate formula for the law of attraction.

Act purposely > Open your awareness > embrace opportunities > manifest > do it all over

It’s cyclical. Once you understand that the law of attraction truly requires effort and awareness on your part, you can really make magic happen. So stop discounting that it’s not working, you’re doing it wrong my love.

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