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Like Attracts Likes: Quantum Physics & Law of Attraction


like attracts like quantum physics of manifestation

Like attracts like is a concept often discussed in both scientific and metaphysical contexts. While the law of attraction is well-known for its focus on positive thinking to bring desired outcomes, the idea that “like attracts like” extends this principle, emphasizing how similar energies or frequencies naturally align with each other.

Something we don’t talk about, though, is that your nervous system plays a crucial role in this process! Raising vibrations is directly tied to your nervous system. When you begin to understand how your nervous system impacts your thoughts and energy, you can attract more positive experiences into your life.

I want to welcome to a journey through the fascinating world of quantum physics, where the principle of “like attracts like” takes center stage. This principle, akin to the law of attraction, dives deep into how energies and vibrations interact to shape our reality. In this article, we’ll explore how this concept plays out in the quantum realm and how it influences our everyday experiences.

I’ll break down complex ideas into simple explanations, exploring the interconnectedness of particles, the impact of our thoughts and emotions, and how aligning our intentions with the vast potential of the quantum field can lead to attracting similar energies.

Through this exploration, you’ll discover insights for leveraging the power of “like attracts like” to create positive outcomes in your life.

What is the Observer Effect and how does it relate to the concept Like Attracts Like?

To understand the theory that like attracts like, we need to explore the direct connection between quantum physics (the study of matter and energy at the most fundamental level) and the law of attraction, which is The Observer Effect.

The Observer Effect tells us that the act of observation (e.g. monitoring, watching) alters the behavior of the particles being observed. This means energy (human consciousness) is altering the state of other energy (particle in the experiment).

This concept helps us understand “like attracts like” because it highlights that our thoughts and intentions (forms of energy) can influence the reality around us. In the same way that observing particles changes their behavior, our focused attention and energy can shape our experiences and environment.

In theory, by consciously raising our vibrations—through positive thinking, mindfulness, and maintaining a balanced nervous system—we can attract more positive experiences into our lives. This demonstrates how our internal state (like) attracts similar external states (like), aligning with the idea that our thoughts and energies create our reality.

Why it’s important to understand the difference between Quantum physics and Newtonian physics.

Newtonian physics is also called classical physics. It deals with the physical world we see every day. It explains how objects move and interact based on the laws of motion and gravity, created by Sir Isaac Newton.

These laws show that things move in a predictable way. Newtonian physics works well for many things we see and do daily, but it doesn’t explain what happens at the tiniest levels.

Quantum physics is different. It studies matter and energy at the smallest levels, like electrons and photons. In quantum physics, particles don’t behave in a predictable way. Instead, they act in ways that are based on probability (like the quantum physics theory of the Observer Effect).

This idea challenges the Newtonian view of a predictable universe and suggests that our thoughts and observations can affect reality.

This is important for understanding “like attracts like.” Newtonian physics doesn’t explain how our thoughts can change physical reality. So, if you are trying to understand the principles of manifestation through Newtonian physics, you can’t.

We have to look to quantum physics. It shows that our minds and observations can have a direct impact. We are only beginning to understand the quantum world, and it opens up new ways of thinking about reality.

By knowing that Newtonian physics has limits and that quantum physics offers new insights, we can better understand how our thoughts and feelings might attract similar experiences. This idea supports the law of attraction, suggesting that our inner world can shape our outer world.

And things get wild when you start looking at quantum mechanics. Scientists have discovered that the same laws don’t apply to the quantum world.

What does Quantum Physics have to do with Manifesting?

Quantum physics is teaching us about the power of energy and our thoughts. It shows how much they affect our lives.

Everything around us, people, plants, and even objects, is made of energy. Your thoughts and feelings create energy, too.

Look at the image below; it shows a measurement of energy for a range of different emotions. You can clearly see the differences in energy produced by the human body through thermal energy. This illustrates how our emotions and thoughts have distinct vibrational frequencies.

When you think positively and feel good, you send out positive energy. This energy attracts good things to you. It’s like telling the universe what you want, and it listens and brings those things to you. Yet, if you have trauma, it might not be this simple. Which I will get into later.

The Basics of Quantum Physics Simplified

In quantum mechanics, particles exchange energy to interact. This process is crucial and works differently than in regular physics. It’s like how light particles (photons) can change the energy of electrons. This energy exchange happens smoothly based on quantum rules.

Now, think about “like attracts like.” It’s about how similar energies come together.

When energies with matching vibes meet, they exchange energy and reinforce each other’s effects. This idea mirrors how positive energies attract more positivity, and negative ones attract more negativity.

Quantum mechanics also shows that energy exchange isn’t just about physical closeness. Particles can affect each other’s states even when far apart. This idea of interconnected energies fits well with “like attracts like,” where resonant energies can influence each other across different spaces.

So, understanding energy exchange in quantum mechanics helps us see how similar energies attract and interact.

It’s a scientific explanation for how our thoughts and vibes can shape our experiences and reality.

How does Quantum Entanglement help us make sense of the Law of Attraction?

Quantum entanglement offers another pretty fascinating perspective on understanding the Law of Attraction from a scientific viewpoint. It shows how distant particles can maintain a deep connection, regardless of physical separation.

Imagine two particles that are so far apart, they’re light years away from each other. Surprisingly, these particles can still be connected in a way that’s hard to explain. This connection means that if something happens to one particle, the other instantly knows about it—even though they’re really far apart.

This kind of immediate connection is similar to how the Law of Attraction works. It’s like sending out a thought or feeling, and the universe responds right away, no matter how far away the desired outcome might be.

Entangled particles are like synchronized dancers—they move together in perfect harmony. This synchronization, or resonance, is similar to how aligned energies in the Law of Attraction amplify each other’s effects. It’s like when positive thoughts and intentions come together, they create a powerful force that can lead to the outcomes we desire.

So, quantum entanglement helps us understand the Law of Attraction in a scientific way. It shows us how interconnected energies, resonant alignment, focused intentions, and immediate influence are all part of how energies interact and manifest in our universe, bridging the gap between metaphysical ideas and scientific understanding.

This phenomenon can help us make sense of the law of attraction because it suggests that everything in the universe is connected at a fundamental level.

According to the law of attraction, our thoughts and emotions can attract specific experiences or events into our lives, which can be understood in terms of the universe’s interconnectedness.

When you understand that you are the observer of your own life, you bring to life the Law of Attraction inherently.

Just like particles can become entangled and affect each other’s behavior, our thoughts, and emotions can affect the energy field around us, influencing the experiences and events we attract into our lives. This means that our thoughts and feelings can have a ripple effect throughout the universe, impacting our own experiences and those around us.

Therefore, quantum entanglement can help us make sense of the law of attraction by highlighting the interconnectedness of the universe and the potential impact that our thoughts and emotions can have on our reality.

Understanding the Law of Vibration and Manifestation

The Law of Vibration is a fundamental principle in the realm of quantum physics and metaphysical teachings. At its core, this law states that everything in the universe is in a constant state of vibration, including thoughts, emotions, and physical matter. These vibrations create energetic frequencies that interact and influence the experiences we encounter in life.

Every thought, feeling, and object emits a specific energetic frequency. Positive thoughts and emotions, such as love, joy, and gratitude, vibrate at higher frequencies, while negative emotions like fear, anger, and resentment resonate at lower frequencies. This principle aligns with the concept that “like attracts like,” meaning energies of similar vibrations tend to attract and resonate with each other.

Harmonizing with the Quantum Field

Aligning with the quantum field means syncing up our energies with a huge field of quantum potentiality. This isn’t just about feeling good or saying positive things—it’s about how things work at a micro level in quantum physics.

When we harmonize with the quantum field, we’re connecting with all these potential options by lining up our thoughts, feelings, health, and actions with what we want to make happen. It’s like finding the right channel on a radio to make things come together with all the possibilities the quantum field offers.

This field, sometimes called the “field of infinite possibilities,” holds every chance and outcome, outside of time and space limits. By learning how to connect with this field, we can tap into a lot of power and creativity to make our dreams real and shape how things turn out in our lives.

To harmonize with this quantum realm, we have to acknowledge the interconnections of energy and consciousness.

Quantum physics shows us that everything is connected at a quantum level, with particles tangled up and affecting each other across space and time. We’ve talked about how this connection also applies to our thoughts, feelings, and goals, sending out waves of impact in the quantum world.

What is Quantum Coherence and what does it have to do with manifestation?

Quantum coherence is like being in sync with the universe’s music—it’s about getting everything in harmony for success. In simpler terms, it means aligning your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, energy, and body to goals so you can create a powerful energy that attracts positive outcomes.

When you’re in coherence, you’re in tune with the universe’s rhythm. When you have unresolved trauma, you are out of coherence.

When you’re in coherence, you’re in sync with the universe’s rhythm, sending out clear signals that resonate with your desires and making it easier to manifest your dreams. It’s like being part of a beautiful symphony where everything works together for your success.

However, unresolved trauma can throw you out of coherence. This is why trauma survivors may struggle with manifestation, especially when following mainstream advice from gurus. Most people in the world have a baseline energy that is healthier than ours. When we have trauma, we have to do a lot more work for coherence, yet no one is telling you that (until now).

The Impact of Trauma on Your Energy and Manifestation

Do you ever find it hard to make your dreams come true, even when you’re trying everything? One big reason might be the trauma you’ve experienced (or trauma from past lifetimes, your soul’s traumas, and intergenerational trauma). Ongoing stress can also impact your energy levels, how you feel, and even how you manifest good things in your life.

Plus, it’s so important to understand that deep emotional trauma (childhood trauma, emotional neglect, sexual abuse, complex trauma, etc) can change your brain and biology. When you have trapped trauma in your body, it can disrupt your energy and make it hard to get what you want, even if you don’t realize it.

Emotional trauma changes your brain’s frequencies and can create imbalances in your body’s energy flow.

Trauma can throw off your balance and make it tough to connect with the universe’s flow. It’s like trying to play music in a band when you’re carrying a heavy load—it’s hard to make beautiful music when you’re weighed down by trauma

Healing from trauma means getting your energy back in sync and finding balance again. It’s about understanding how trauma affects your body and mind and using techniques from quantum mechanics and trauma care to get back on track. Acknowledging and working through your trauma is a big step toward feeling better and creating a life that feels right for you.

If you are working to heal trauma and restore your energetic body, I highly recommend somatic healing and embodiment.

Why is Manifesting Different when you’ve Experienced Trauma?

Trauma can affect our ability to manifest in several ways. First, trauma can lead to negative thought patterns and beliefs, undermining your ability to manifest positive outcomes. For example, suppose you’ve experienced abuse or neglect. In that case, you may have thoughts about not being worthy or deserving of good things. Of course, this can make it difficult for you to focus on positive outcomes.

Trauma also causes stress and anxiety, making it challenging to feel positive and visualize what you want. When you are in a state of fight or flight, your brain is focused on survival. How can you focus on manifesting your dreams when you are in a state of survival?

Manifesting and attracting more beautiful things in your life as a trauma survivor starts with healing your biology.

How can Trauma Survivors Effectively Manifest?

Manifesting with trauma involves a holistic approach that includes healing the nervous system and addressing the biological impact of trauma. To manifest effectively, especially when dealing with trauma, it’s crucial to prioritize self-care, emotional healing, and restoring balance to your mind and body.

Healing the nervous system is a fundamental step in manifesting with trauma.

Practices like mindfulness, meditation, and breathing exercises can calm your nerves, lower stress, and help manage emotions. But there’s more to it.

Addressing the biological impact of trauma is essential for overall well-being and manifestation success. This means taking care of your physical health by eating well, staying active, and doing activities like yoga or tai chi that help you relax.

Doing things that help you unwind and recharge can help your body heal naturally and make it easier to create positive changes in your life.

Incorporating trauma-informed care practices is also key to manifesting with trauma.

A trauma-informed way of healing focuses on safety, empowerment, and trust. It helps create a supportive space for healing and making things happen. When you work with experts like therapists or trauma-informed coaches, they can guide and support you as you heal.

To manifest with trauma, you need patience, kindness to yourself, and a dedication to your overall well-being. By meeting your nervous system’s needs, healing the physical effects of trauma, and using trauma-informed care, you can set a strong base for successful manifestation. This can lead to a life full of abundance, happiness, and fulfillment.

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