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Creating Calm Within

Discover the path to inner peace and unlock the profound connection between your mind and body.

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A Journey to Uncover You

You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. The stress can reach a point where you find yourself snapping at your kids, and filled with anxiety. 

You’ve worked to heal, yet you still feel stuck. 

Deep down, do you feel a bit lost? Unsure of what to do differently?
Sound familiar? You’re in the right place.

Unlock the art and science of somatic healing to reach your full potential.

The power of Somatic healing

This unique program invites you to explore the profound connection between your mind and body, beginning a holistic approach to healing trauma and stress.

Through intentional techniques, we guide you toward powerfully releasing stuck emotions, fostering emotional clarity, and promoting inner balance. (Yes, emotions get stuck in your body at a physiological level keeping you trapped in the same cycles of behavior.)


Gain a clearer understanding of your emotions and navigate them with confidence.


Experience deep relaxation as you release the biology of trauma on your body.


Connect with your expressive self and unlock the vibrant tapestry of emotions and creativity within you.


Foster emotional resilience and inner child healing through nurturing and compassionate self-care.

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My goal is to help you...

Somatic healing empowers you to intentionally direct your awareness, attention, and energy—and becomes a powerful tool for releasing stored emotional trauma.

What is Somatic Healing for Emotional Release?

Somatic refers to the body, particularly the experience and awareness of the body and its sensations. Somatic healing involves techniques that focus on the connection between the mind and body, aiming to address and release emotional trauma stored in the body’s physical sensations while working to processing those emotions.

Creating Calm within

Somatic Healing for Emotional Release

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creating calm within


Each micro-lesson takes less than 15 minutes, providing guided exploration of somatic healing foundations and effective techniques to work through stuck emotions.

Weekly live Somatic Healing

Once a week, you are invited to a live group session. Experience the power of community and connection as you share learnings and insights and connect with like-minded women.

private online community

Connect with like-minded individuals on your healing journey, access exclusive resources, and experience the power of shared growth in a safe, empowering space.

Somatic Healing library

Explore the Somatic Healing Library—a collection of transformative resources at your fingertips. Explore different techniques to accommodate your needs.
setting intentions - breathwork for emotional release

Week 1


  • Introduction to Inner You
  • How it Works
  • Live sessions explained!
  • What is Conscious
  • Connected Breathing?
  • Short breathwork session for Intentions
  • Mid-breath for intentions
  • My Perfect Scene

Week 2


  • Self forgiveness
  • A Love Letter
  • Short Breathwork
  • Session for Self Compassion
  • Mid breath for self compassion

Week 3

Meeting my Masks

  • Who I Become
  • Short Breathwork Session – Meeting My Mask
  • Mid Breathwork Session – Meeting My Mask

Week 4

Healing my Relationships

  • Healing My Relationships
  • Adjusting my Expectations
  • Short Breathwork Session – Healing My Relationships
  • Mid Breathwork Session – Healing My Relationships

Week 5

Bringing my Inner Child Home

  • Inner Child Letter
    Short Breathwork for
  • Bringing My Inner Child Home
  • Inner Child Meditation

Week 6

Championing my Inner Child

  • Time to Reflect
  • Mid Range voice only
  • Long Range Voice only

This is for you if...

creating calm within
creating calm within - somatic healing

This is NOT for you if...

Somatic healing for emotional release

Creating Calm within

Take the next step in your healing journey.

creating calm within

Somatic healing for emotional release

coming soon

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Before engaging in somatic healing practices, it’s crucial to recognize that these methods can sometimes evoke intense emotions and physical sensations as part of the healing process.

This type of somatic healing is only for individuals aged 18 and above. It can lead to strong physical and emotional feelings.

Some somatic healing methods are more intense (e.g. breathwork) and it’s not recommended for people with a history of heart problems like angina or heart attacks, high blood pressure, those using a pacemaker, individuals with glaucoma, retinal detachment, osteoporosis, significant recent physical injuries, or those who’ve undergone recent surgery.

When it comes to breathwork, people with mental health issues or seizure disorders, as well as those on major medications, should avoid this practice. It’s also not suitable for individuals with a personal or family history of aneurysms. Pregnant women should consult their primary care physician before trying breathwork.

If you have asthma, make sure to bring your inhaler and discuss with both your primary care physician and the breathwork class facilitator. This experience can be intense and might involve strong emotional release. Please note that Kristina Bentle is not a physician, psychologist, therapist, or healthcare professional. The activities offered are not meant to treat, diagnose, or provide any treatment for illnesses, diseases, or disorders, whether physical, mental, psychological, or emotional.