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The Ultimate Guide to Manifest your Dream Life: 11 Things you Need to Know


manifesting your dream life

Are you ready to manifest your dream life? The manifestation process may seem a little daunting at first, but I assure you once you understand how and why, you can break through to the next level of life. I am here to tell you that manifestation works. Of course, a huge missing piece that I truly believe is overlooked and not talked about in the manifestation world is how mental health impacts manifestation.

Why mental health and manifestation need to be better understood so you can manifest your dreams

Why mental health and manifestation need to be better understood so you can manifest your dreams

I grew up in an abusive household, I became a widow in my early twenties after losing my best friend two years prior. Needless to say, my life has been filled with suffering and pain. I was hospitalized a few years after my fiancé died, after a failed suicide attempt.

When I started working with the Law of Attraction, I knew the principles but my mental health issues created a strong divide between what I knew I wanted to do and what my brain would allow me to do at the time.

This is key, because you CAN do this, just be gentle with the process if you’ve suffered mental health issues. I healed my depression and anxiety because I stuck with the process.

When I first started manifesting, I just wanted to feel happy. I did not dream of wealth, fame, or material goods, I just wanted to feel happiness because it seemed so far away to me. Fortunately, I understood that repetition was the key to achieving any change.

It took me 30+ years to develop my negative thought patterns after a lot of emotional pain. That meant, I just needed to have faith and patience to create the changes I craved. Next time you feel like you’re struggling to manifest because your thoughts and habits aren’t aligned, remember, it can take time to shift a habit you’ve been doing your entire life. Don’t give up.

Manifest your Dream Life

You can make your wildest dreams come true; timing is different for everyone, here’s why.

As you are working on manifesting your dream life, you’ll face obstacles. Why? Because we are human beings living in an imperfect human world.

Each and every single person has had a different life experience meaning we all have things we have to overcome before we can come into true alignment to manifest.

Depending on your childhood and life experiences, you may have more (or less) limiting beliefs than the person next to you.

So that person may have fewer layers of pain to release before they can begin to manifest consistently. Please DO NOT less this discourage you. I hope this is encouraging because it means everyone has the same potential to manifest, it can just take some people longer. If you’ve struggled in the past, you likely gave up way too soon.

Accepting your circumstances without blame

Think of it this way, two children are running a race. One child got lots of sleep the night before and ate a nutritious breakfast.

The other child, fell on the way to school, didn’t get enough sleep, and forgot to eat breakfast when running out the door.

Which kids has the advantage on this race day? The answer is clear. The first child has an advantage, they don’t have to work to overcome as many setbacks

Does this mean that the second child is doomed forever? No. It means he might have to work harder next time, get more rest, be more mindful, and remember to fuel up on his health beforehand.

The second child has two choices. He can give up and blame his circumstances because he didn’t win. Or he can take responsibility for making improvements and accept that it’s a little more difficult for him today. He can recognize that tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity to improve. And yes, he might have some setbacks to work on but that doesn’t mean he can’t win.

You see, we aren’t all born with the same advantages but we all have the same potential. Focus on the inner work and you will get where you want to be in the physical world.

In the past few years, I’ve followed many thought leaders who talk about manifestation and how it’s possible for everyone. YES, I agree with this AND I believe you have to understand the path isn’t the same for everyone because we all start in different places. Once you understand this you can get a more clear picture of what it takes to make your dreams come true.

The most important thing is that you accept not blame or make excuses.

Overcoming negative self-talk so you can manifest more quickly

Overcoming negative self-talk so you can manifest more quickly

A huge factor in being able to manifest is overcoming your negative self-talk. This is because negative feelings are actually causing you to reverse manifest. What does is mean to reverse manifest?

You are attracting the things that you don’t want in life. When you focus on the things that you don’t want, that’s what you get more of.

Do you tell yourself you are a failure when you make a mistake at work? Do you constantly say to yourself, I am so stressed out, I can’t take anymore? When you focus on the bad things in life, you get more of it.

Let me be clear, this is not about toxic positivity. This doesn’t mean you ignore challenges and pretend that everything is okay.

Reframing is a powerful tool you can have on your personal development journey. Cognitive reframing helps you take a step back from the situation and find a new perspective. Instead of, “I’m a failure because I made a mistake,” you could say, “Making a mistake is not the end of the world, it’s a chance to learn and get better, I will keep improving.” By reframing the event, you shift the negative energy and create a new positive way to approach it.

Understanding energetic vibrations and your thoughts for manifestation

Understanding energetic vibrations and your thoughts for manifestation

Understanding the science behind creating your dream life is the fastest way to create change. Your thoughts create energy.

Negative thoughts emit a lower vibration of energy, whereas feelings of love, happiness, and excitement create higher energy vibrations.

You can dictate what you want in your life by aligning your energy (created by your thoughts and emotions) with what you want. This is why you’ve heard about the power of positive thinking.

If you suffer from any mental health challenges, this can be more difficult, as it was for me. This will make repetition that much more important. This is all about retraining your subconscious mind. Think of it as grooves that are carved into a canyon. The deeper the grooves (negative thought patterns) the more conscious repetition is required to shift and create a new groove (positive thinking).

Amazing things happen when you are committed to change and follow the steps consistently.

Act as-if, the hack for manifesting your big dreams

What would it feel like to have your dreams right now?

How would you feel inside to have that successful career? Or that amazing car? The house? Whatever it is that you dream of?

An important tool to shift your energy (and created new grooves in your brain to shift your thought patterns) is to act as-if. Act as-if you are already living in your dream life.

Take a moment, close your eyes for a few seconds and see your dream happening. Sit with that feeling.

That feeling is what will move mountains.

If you had difficulty creating that energy shift because your self-talk is so strong, just know you must keep practicing. The more you can live with that energy in the present moment, the quicker you create change in the physical world. I assure you the more you practice acting as-if, long-term it becomes easier.

This is a great way to strengthen your positive thinking.

Why positive affirmations are so powerful to manifesting your dream life

Why positive affirmations are so powerful to living the life of your dreams

Have you tried positive or mindfulness affirmations in the past and gave up because you felt like they didn’t work?

Hopefully, you now understand why it may have failed in the past. Depending on where you are in life, you may need more repetition. In the case of positive affirmations, this is true too. Consistency and use on a daily basis are the keys to success. Over time, affirmations create more positive energy in your life, attracting the good things you desire.

I remember when I first started using affirmations, it felt like I was lying to myself, and I struggled. Can you relate? This is because you are creating dissonance within your subconscious. But this is just the very beginning of creating the internal shifts needed. Keep doing it, and eventually, it will feel in natural alignment and your subconscious will catch up to the truth.

Matching your physical reality with your manifestation dreams

Matching your physical reality with your manifestation dreams

As you follow these steps and keep these manifestation tools as part of your regular practice, I want you to understand why this works.

When energies with the same vibrations align, they are attracted to each other, according to quantum physics.

Particles make up everything in the universe; remember when you learned about atoms in high school science class? We measure energy as the vibration or motion of those particles. These particles are further divided into smaller particles called subatomic particles.

We see incredible things at the subatomic level that prove the Law of Attraction isn’t just a woo-woo concept.

This is why hard work alone doesn’t create your dreams. If you are grinding away at a job that you hate every single day, living in a world of negative emotions, do you think you’ll attract high-vibration outcomes? No. Hard work can only get you so far, and most of the time, people that take this route are unhappy and miserable.

The best way to get ahead is to align with the natural laws, the law of attraction being just one of those.

Why a Vision Board is such an effective way to manifest your dream life

Why a Vision Board is such an effective way to manifest

I truly believe that vision boards are underrated because, most often, people don’t use them properly.

Have you created a vision board in the past and simply put it up on the wall and walked away? Every once in a while, you take a passing glance but don’t give much more thought to it?

The law of attraction begins with visualization. You can feel your energy change when you lay out your dreams on a vision board. Remember, this physical energy is what creates shifts in the material world.

The most successful people in the world understand the power of visualization, but more importantly, they understand the power of repetition.

If you want to reach a big goal, do you think about it once and expect it to come true? No, you have to visualize it daily, and take actionable steps to make it happen. Here’s how you really make a vision board work. You engage with it daily, and live in that positive energy as often as possible. Think of a vision board as a tool to help you act as-if.

When visualizing your dreams, come up with as much detail as possible. Your vision board can be the big dreams but on a daily basis, imagine the details of the new car, your dream partner, or whatever if that you dream for your future self.

What are you wearing while driving your car? Where are you driving to? What do you do with your dream partner? How does he make you feel? What does he say? When you set clear intentions, you communicate your deepest desires to the universe.

manifesting your dream life and intentions

Manifestaton without action is wishful thinking

Do you think that by shifting into positive energy, creating new thoughts, and making a vision board, your manifestations will land in your lap?

That’s not how all of this works.

Let’s get very clear that manifestation requires you to take meaningful action. These steps are just the beginning of the journey to manifest.

The universe will begin to show you signs, and you need to be on the lookout and follow the signs.

Do you get a new offer at work to take on a new responsibility after you asked the universe for a big promotion? Or maybe you get an email from a colleague asking for a letter of recommendation? Looking for your dream partner? Register for that dance class that keeps popping up in front of you. Want to manifest your dream home? Drive through that neighborhood that’s been yelling your name!

These may seem like small things, but they could be the doorway to getting what you want, and the universe is offering you the chance; you just have to be willing to take it. You have to take action and follow the path the universe is setting up for you; as you create the energy, the universe is waiting for you to take the steps forward.

Spiritual awakening and manifesting your dream life

Spiritual awakening and your manifestation journey

For many women I’ve worked with spiritual awakening is a natural process of the manifestation journey.

As you learn to align with your higher self and release conditions of the physical world, you begin to see your potential yet it can feel overwhelming.

Life will continue to be painful, so how do you overcome negative situations while trying to manifest? How do you overcome stress as a mom with limited time? How do you focus on the tools when you aren’t surrounded by like-minded people?

I struggled with this too, which is why I created Life by Design. I aim to help you succeed faster by sharing my decades of manifestation and spiritual awakening experience. The small steps here are part of the process but there is so much more than I can share in a blog article.

If this content resonates with you, check out this free masterclass I put together to show you how to overcome and challenges so you can thrive.

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