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Spiritual Awakening


You've been through many challenges in life but have committed to overcome. Your tenacity is commendable and essential to your continued growth.

You’ve come too far to slow down now.

You’ve been through some ups and downs. You aren’t alone in your journey, and I’m proud to see you’re actively taking steps to grow. You’ve come a long ways from where you were years ago. You should be proud of yourself.

Some of the characteristics of this stage include:

  • Feeling more times of happiness in life, less anxiety and less depression
  • Embracing a sense of ownership in many areas of your life.
  • Embrace being a victor in many areas of life. Releasing victim mentality.
  • Attempting to make more decisions out of love.
  • Mindful of making decisions out of fear but still happens instinctively.
  • Trauma is actively being healed and you are occasionally working to align with your higher self.

Things in your life that are happening around you:

  • Have slowly begun making changes in life to help align with your higher self (change in career, relationships, etc.)
  • Beginning to outgrow loved ones and trying to understand how to cope
  • Aware of and actively challenging cognitive distortions
  • Working hard to overcome dis-empowering beliefs
  • Not yet living authentically, you may feel like a fraud at time
  • You feel like something is missing in life but can’t put your finger on it yet (hint: make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page for a powerful resource to help you with this)

Transition happens when you decide to ask...

“Who am I, really?”

What do you need to grow?

You’ve come too far to slow down now. You’re at a critical point because without active focus on growth, it’s too easy to slip back into old habits. At this point in your journey you are about to cross the point of no return (in a good way). You are craving more because you are seeking your authentic self, your dharma, and your truth beneath the lies you’ve been told all your life. It’s important to create a mindfulness practice to help you cultivate the discipline required for accessing your higher consciousness. It is also important to hone other important skills to help you navigate the modern world, these include things like setting healthy boundaries and healthy communication (these are skills taught in the Awakened Mom Life Master Class). The key to your growth at this stage is focus. Focus on making growth a priority in your life.

Some more resources that can help you:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from a licensed therapist
  • Somatic Therapy from a licensed therapist
  • Meditation apps, like Calm or Insight Timer
  • EFT – Tapping
  • Reiki Healing
  • Working with a Spiritual or Life Coach
  • Taking online courses to guide you on what’s next


Books about spiritual growth. Here are several that I highly recommend:

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Component 1:

Living Life by Design

If you aren’t living a life by design, you’re giving up your greatest gift. And living on autopilot is one of the biggest mistakes we make as human beings. In this first section, you’ll learn how to effectively put together realistic & attainable blueprints for change. No, this isn’t about making SMART goals for your life. You’ll learn the powerful way to work with the universal laws and psychology to create real radical shifts. We do this by breaking down your life into 4 main areas, then you learn to apply the entire accelerated results system to each area of your life for faster results.

Key Lessons

Learn the blueprint for creating results faster according to science in 4 areas of your life:

    1. Health (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)
    2. Career/Vocation
    3. Relationships
    4. Lifestyle (time, money, freedom)

Component 2:

Results Formula

What happens if you tried to jump to the top of a mountain? We all know it’s outrageous and impossible according to the laws of physics. But what if you had a map and the right tools to get to the top of the mountain? You would get there much quicker and with a lot less stress. Without the right map, you are swimming upstream in life. There is a formula for getting results, once you understand and apply this formula, you’ll start to see the endless opportunities at your fingertips.
Key Lessons
  • Learn how to stop swimming upstream in life
  • Learn why you’re habits are actually self-sabotaging and what to change
  • Discover the secret to achieving greater results with less effort.

Component 3:

conquering fear

Has self-doubt held you back from living a life you love? You’re human and it’s natural.

Learn how you can be-friend fear to overcome your biggest challenges. Everything you desire in life is on the other side of fear. What would your life look like if you were to step past your fears with confidence, faith, and passion

Key Lessons
  • Understand how fear shows up even when you aren’t aware
  • Learn how to evaluate whether you are making decisions from fear of love
  • Discover how you can overcome the fear so that it becomes fuels you to a greater life
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