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I'm Kristina Bentle

author, spiritual leader, inspirational speaker, founder of awakened mom Life, energy healer, Buddhist, and mindfulness warrior.

My goal is to empower you to become the master of your own destiny as a Conscious, powerfully courageous, balanced mother. I want you to blossom into your highest self and embody your authentic truth.

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It's Your Time

Have you experienced success in many areas of your life, yet still feel a deep sense of longing? Do you want to be a more mindful mom?

Over the years, you’ve worked hard on yourself, perhaps even working on building a mindfulness practice. And maybe you’ve spent several years growing through therapy & coaching. It is a testament to your strength that you have overcome tragedy, trauma and life challenges.

Yet, despite years of healing and personal development, something is still off. You yearn for something that can’t be put into words.

Now you want to get to the next level of YOU because you’re not yet fulfilled. Furthermore, You want to be a mindful mom who is consciously aware of raising healthy, strong, and empowered children.

I’ve been in your shoes and with the right tools, you will learn how to discover your purpose, passion, and authentic potential.

The world is waiting for you to fully shine your light as a mindful momma!

Kristina Bentle Mindfulness Teacher for mothers

Awaken the truth within

Harmony, Mindfulness, Balance, & Fulfillment as a mom, woman & powerful spiritual being

Do people see you as the mother with a “perfect” life on the outside?

Despite this, you are struggling internally. And mindfulness seems really heard. Perhaps you’re plagued by self-limiting patterns, waiting for the other shoe to drop… Perhaps you fear being “seen” and feel like a fraud.

This doesn’t have to be the way you live.

Every necessary element for creating harmony, balance, and fulfillment is within you.

You are a powerful spiritual being living a human existence. It’s time to awaken to the truth within.
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I'm Kristina Bentle

This is my story of my breakdown to breakthrough

The journey of embracing mindfulness as a way of life to heal from deep trauma. And creating the life of my dreams.

After becoming a widow at 24, my world spiraled. Riddled with deep depression and anxiety, I was unable to hold down a job—I turned to alcohol.

Embrace your higher self
with mindfulness living

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I was experiencing a lot of work related stress & anxiety which was affecting all aspects of life. With Kristina's guidance, I found a path that has brought me more satisfaction in both my professional & personal life. She helped me identify my strengths without focusing on my weaknesses. Together we put together an action plan with realistic goals that helped me become a better employee and better person overall.
Kristina is a fantastic coach. She is a loving, kind, kick-in-the-pants leader who not only inspired me to dream bigger, but showed me how I could actually make those dreams into a reality. She is a great combination of encouragement and practicality who brings serious results!
Through Kristina's guidance I have clarified my goals and objectives and just this afternoon submitted a proposal for work with my ideal client, I felt comfortable presenting it with limits and authenticity. I am very excited to see what the next few weeks with her program reveal to me about myself and really looking forward to this next chapter of my life where I am more comfortable in my own skin. Thank you!!

- Mindful Mom Guide -


2+ Hours Back

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Discover the hidden habits that keep you stuck. And find ways to be more effective with your time.

If you’re ready to gain a deeper understanding of how to reach your full potential without spending years struggling, then check out this Guide!

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