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Welcome to this nurturing space dedicated to healing, connection, and support for your trauma recovery journey.

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What is Awakened Mom Life​?

Awakened Mom Life is a vibrant healing hub designed to empower women on their healing journey from trauma. We want to provide you with resources, lessons, and products for your healing process, offering guidance, tools, and a sense of community.

We know that trauma can deeply affect every part of life. Our goal is to create a safe and welcoming place where women can find comfort, learn effective ways to cope, and discover holistic healing methods to nurture their minds, body, and spirit as they heal.

Hello there,

I'm Kristina ✨

Welcome to a space where honesty and authenticity allow healing stories to unfold.

Throughout my life, I’ve often felt like an outsider. I see other teachers and coaches online with impressive websites and stories of their struggles, but I struggle to relate to them.

My life has been messy, and I’ve faced more trauma than most.

I spent years chasing success and climbing the corporate ladder while dealing with constant anxiety, depression, and physical pain.

I always felt like I didn’t fit in.

Despite practicing mindfulness and studying Buddhism for years, I still felt off and my physical health made it hard to help my clients.

I was diagnosed with various health conditions, and after 15 years of trying to heal, my health was getting worse.

I felt lost and didn’t know what to do. Then, I met a doctor who helped me understand the impact of emotions on the body, leading me to explore the science of healing the energetic body.

Now, I’m beginning to thrive in ways I never dreamed would be possible. I want to help others achieve the same peace and balance.

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Embracing trauma healing is not just about repairing the past; it’s about unlocking the body’s innate wisdom for holistic wellness and embracing a life filled with vitality, peace, and empowerment

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healing complex trauma

The Problem with Traditional Methods of Healing

Lack of Trauma-Informed Care

Finding trauma-informed care can be challenging due to a combination of factors, including lack of training, stigma, systemic barriers, lack of standardization, and the complexity of trauma. This can lead to survivors of childhood trauma not getting the proper care and even receiving treatments that re-traumatize them and worsen things.

Mind-Body-Spirit Disconnect

Western medicine focuses on a reductionist approach to healthcare—doctors are trained to look at the body parts in isolation. This approach has been successful in treating acute medical conditions. However, it fails to serve trauma survivors because it doesn’t account for the mind-body-spirit connection to health and healing. Since it doesn’t address the root causes of illness, conditions continue to worsen. Leaving you with failing health and feeling more disconnected each day.

Quick Fix Approach

Western medicine often relies on a “quick fix” approach to healthcare, emphasizing pharmaceuticals and other interventions that treat symptoms rather than underlying causes. For example, if a patient presents with a headache, a reductionist approach would focus on treating the headache rather than exploring the underlying causes of the headache.

Scattered Information

Finding trauma-informed care has been incredibly difficult to find because of a lack of education, standardization, and limited availability of providers. Most healthcare providers, including doctors and therapists, are not trauma-informed because it’s not formal training. This leaves patients feeling frustrated and desperate to find the right help because you have to piece together the puzzle alone.

I Spent Decades Feeling Lost & Alone...

For 38 years I lived a life full of resistance, forcing my way through, doing everything “I was supposed to do.” I went to school, climbed the corporate ladder, went to therapy for my mental health issues, and took medication for my anxiety. I had a great career, a six-figure salary, and a beautiful family…

Deep within, I felt like a fraud.

Being highly sensitive, I struggled with constant anxiety & depression. I yearned for purpose, connection, and meaning in life.

My body and mind were deteriorating, with new diagnoses every year.

Chronic pain, endometriosis, Hashimoto’s disease, Fibromyalgia, IBS, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Myofascial pain syndrome, degenerative disc disease, GERD, and then Functional Neurological Disorder, and PTSD.

At 38, I became bedridden. My body was shutting down.

Many times, I wanted to give up.

Deep down, that isn’t my nature. So, I did what I always do – I found a way.

My body forced me to slow down because I refused to listen. Society taught me to ignore my intuition and push through intense emotional, mental, and physical pain. I convinced myself that my suffering resulted from karma from my past lives.

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