How to Raise Your Frequency When you are Struggling


Before I jump into how to raise your energy frequency, I should address why it’s important. I won’t go into too deeply here, because you can find more details on raising your frequency and the Law of Attraction in this old blog I wrote.

At the beginning of my research into the universal laws, I thought raising my frequency was pretty straightforward. Essentially, you watch the same thing on every blog or YouTube video. Practice gratitude, surround yourself with good people, eat right, practice meditation, etc. 

One major thing is missing in the conversation about raising your frequency: TRAUMA.

I practiced raising my vibrational frequency for years, but deep down, I felt like I was missing something because I continued to feel like life was always a struggle. I couldn’t put it into words, so I didn’t know what to do differently. Then I began researching energy healing that truly helped me understand where I was stuck.

My childhood trauma caused deep emotional wounds that needed to be healed. As it turned out, these wounds were creating sub-conscious behaviors that I couldn’t even comprehend. For example, I knew that I wanted to create more boundaries in relationships, and consciously I would do so. But then, sub-consciously, I would allow family members to break through those boundaries because deep down I was afraid of hurting them with my boundaries. You see, I was conditioned in childhood to believe that my feelings weren’t important. It was a vicious cycle.

I have been able to heal myself by understanding how to release these deep energetic blocks that kept perpetuating my toxic behaviors.

During your learning and growing process, consider how trauma may be affecting you. I know it can be incredibly frustrating when you feel like you are doing the work but aren’t making the progress.

I believe many successful women have energy blocks to raising their frequency and we don’t talk about it enough.

For me, my trauma blocks also caused severe chronic health issues and I went through years of pain and suffering before I made the connection. I have long suffered from digestion issues, back pain, muscle spasms, headaches, and chronic fatigue. All signs of energy blockage.

Unfortunately, for me, years of living in a fight-or-flight state took a devastating toll on my nervous system. And in 2020, I was diagnosed with functional neurological disorder. In spite of the fact that this condition is still largely misunderstood, many FND patients have a history of trauma. 

Today, I am focusing on continuing to heal the deep trauma within my body. I am fortunate that I found my way to the Cleveland Clinic and Neurological Restoration. My team of doctors are on the cutting edge of the mind, body connection and have helped me take the next step towards full alignment.

As you continue on your personal growth journey, explore energy healing including acupuncture, reiki, gestalt, or psych-k.

I hope you can learn a few lessons from my journey. Listen to your body and find ways to heal holistically. In order to raise your energetic frequency, you need to do more than write in a gratitude journal. You will need to dig deeper and find stuck energy especially when you are struggling.

Want to begin exploring more about aligning your energy? Visit Awakened Mom Life Academy.

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