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Mindful Evolution

Reclaim your life & take your trauma healing to the next level

Unlock Transformation: Heal your Body, Mind, & Spirit from the Impact of Trauma

does this sound like you?

You’ve been working to heal, you dream of more, but you continue to struggle—You are ready to break through your own ceiling.

I see how you’ve been grinding SO hard to get through each day carrying the weight of your trauma. You are recognizing how it’s impacting your kids and your relationships, and you’ve been exploring healing tools, but you know you need more.

3 Keys to Healing


Safe, supportive, and understanding community that empowers YOU.


Understand what's holding you back so you can actually take effective action.


Guidance to find the tools you need, so you can stop guessing, and focus on healing.

You are ready for so much more

You are strong and courageous, you are ready for a clear map to help uplevel your life, career, and relationships. You're ready to...


To embrace your self-worth, set boundaries, and ask to have your needs met.​


Feel happier & less anxious. To find joy in your day and stop worrying constantly.


Bounce back from challenges more quickly and let life flow more easily.​


Take charge of your life instead of feeling like life is taking charge of you.​

Taking this step forward means...

And every moment you wait, it’s costing you…

Picture this...

You’re at your favorite spot, sipping your morning coffee.

You’re not just starting your day; you’re stepping into a community that’s like a warm embrace.

You feel the connection with like-minded individuals, the hope that comes from shared experiences, and a sense of safety and support that’s as reassuring as a trusted safety net.

It’s the empowering, positive atmosphere where you know your journey is not a solo expedition but a shared adventure toward a brighter future.

As a result...

You embracing each day with a newfound energy and hope. 

You show up with confidence, no longer hesitating to ask for what you need, because you’ve discovered that your voice matters. 

You navigate life with greater resilience and enthusiasm.


healing from complex trauma


I'm Kristina

I’m thrilled you are here.

It means that you are ready to embrace life and experience more for you and your children.

I understand that finding a new path toward healing can bring a mix of excitement and uncertainty. 

You may be wondering… Is a brighter future even possible? Is it worth taking a leap of faith to lead a happier and pain-free life?

I spent 15 years in therapy, taking anxiety & depression medication—I was essentially just existing, not truly living.

I felt like I was merely biding my time, waiting for something more meaningful and desperately hoping that life would change. 

It all changed when my health began to decline rapidly…

I found myself at a crossroads. I could find the courage to seek answers or accept a life confined by the limitations of my body and mind.

In my quest for healing, I discovered more than I could have ever imagined—a path not just to live but to thrive. 

Now I’m sharing it with you. A holistic approach to healing, mind-body-spirit.


Mindful evolution program


awakened mom life course content

micro lessons for busy women

Designed for busy women, our online courses provide accessible navigation through the science of trauma healing. Each lesson is conveniently crafted to be 15 minutes or less, fitting seamlessly into your schedule.
meditation library

somatic healing library

A library of healing to help you reconnect to your body. Discover a wealth of tools, exercises, and insights designed to foster a profound sense of well-being and promote a harmonious connection between mind and body.

PRIVATE community

Connect with like-minded women in private group. Share experiences, gain valuable insights, and find support from a welcoming community dedicated to healing and personal growth.

journal prompts

journal prompts

Harness the power of self-expression with our thoughtfully designed journal prompts. These prompts are your key to unlocking deeper insights, fostering self-awareness, and nurturing your healing journey.

monthly BREATHWORK Series

Each month, you are invited to an hour-long Breathwork for Emotional Release session. This deeper dive is a great reset for your nervous system and helps cultivate emotional well-being, providing a rejuvenating space for self-discovery and healing.

Group session

Once a week, you are invited to a 1-hour live group session. Experience the power of community and connection and connect with like-minded women.

This is for you if...

This isn't a fit for you if...

If this isn’t the right program, that’s okay. If this isn’t the right time, that’s okay.

**If you are feeling suicidal and in crisis, please contact a medical professional for help. When you are in a state of crisis, your body is flooded with stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. This makes it harder to think clearly, concentrate, and remember information. This is why our program won’t be beneficial right now. It’s essential to find medical care to get into a more regulated state so you can participate fully.

If you need immediate help, dial 988, or visit 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline for live chat.

bridging science & healing for lasting recovery

The Holistic Trauma Reset™

Our entire program is built this proven science based approach. This groundbreaking methodology to healing from trauma is built on three key components that guide you on a journey of transformation.

trauma healing - reconnect


Reconnect to your body.


Release the biological imprint of trauma.

trauma healing - reprogram


Reprogram your thoughts and beliefs.

Unlock your full potential

Mindful Evolution program

A supportive program for women healing from complex trauma.

• Explore how trauma reshapes your brain, influences your behavior, and learn actionable steps for healing.

• Discover the symptoms of childhood trauma in adulthood and how you can finally heal.

• Explore the science of creating long-term change by re-wiring your brain using neuroplasticity

• Re-discover your true self and learn to embrace the life you deserve

• Learn why you struggle with relationships and how to build trust safely

• Create balance in your life and set boundaries

• Discover how to face your fears wthout your body and emotions hijacking your life

a trauma-informed safe space

Take your healing to the next level

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Mindful Evolution program

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Why 7 days?

Out of respect for the class and the women engaging in the program, I want to be fair and make sure students are committed to the program and not joining to casually view the content and leave. 

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